There goes the day, again

By Mir
December 8, 2009

Get your Woot on—there’s Woot-Offs happening today at both Woot and Kids Woot.

Refresh, refresh, refresh….


  1. Why don’t I see anything about a woot off on the site? Am I blind?

  2. Look for the flashing yellow lights Robin, that’s your sign that a Woot-Off is in progress!

  3. Sorry Mir. I was trying to click on your contact button but it wasn’t working. Tip: anyone looking for Zhu Zhu’s or their accessories, they are getting them in stock DAILY at for regular price plus shipping (free shipping if you spend over $75). Just something I thought you might want to pass along.

  4. Awesome! Got a $500 GPS for $99 one christmas present down!

  5. It appears they are having server errors. Darn I wish I could have seen that GPS!!!

  6. Wine.woot is also having a wootoff. sadly it looks like servers are down for now. 3 wootoffs is more than I can handle!

  7. And wine woot! they’re wooting-off too!

  8. For Mozilla users, there is an awesome addon- Woot Watcher, you can pick as many of the 5 woots to watch as you want(sellout, shirt, kids, wine and woot) or watch all 5. It has a pic, price, name and %left for each item. Best of all it updates and plays sound… No more refreshing!

    I’m in love! <3 <3

  9. omg courtney I kinda want to make out with you now for that tip.

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