Striped delight

By Mir
December 9, 2009

You know those adorable rugby sweaters that The Children’s Place has? Stripes in a dozen different colors? This week only, they’re marked down to just $5 each. (Note: It’s just the traditional rugby striped one that’s only $5. The others are discounted, but a bit more.)

Use coupon code GGAC9 to take another 15% off your order, too.

(I’m working against the temptation to get one for every day of the week. Is there anything cuter than a kid in stripes?)


  1. I cannot find one of those sweaters in big boy sizes…they have pictures in the header, but not down below. 🙁 They’re cute.

  2. let’s see anything cuter than a kid in stripes? Putting both kids & the dog in matching stripes… hehehe.

  3. Oh I got a matching rugby sweater, hat & mittens + two pairs of pants + pjs + top + socks for under $40 shipped. That’s impressive – thanks!

  4. Thanks for the tip. I got sweaters and matching hats for all three kids!

  5. Awesome tip, Mir! Thanks!

  6. Thank you! I got my boys matching sweaters for Christmas (oh yes I did).

  7. Oh I love you Mir! I am just about to finish up my shopping there and I thought “Let me see if there’s a code at Want Not.” Aha! Thank you! 3 shirts, one striped sweater! ($4.25!), and 2 pairs of pants later my niece is covered for $40!
    I’m not one bit excited 😉

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