Even though I hate girl marketing

By Mir
December 10, 2009

Why must the girl toys be pink and the boy toys blue? Why must a play kitchen be for a girl and a tool bench for a boy? These are the questions I ponder before my first cup of coffee. No, it’s not easy being me.

Despite the annoyance it causes me, apparently there’s a big market for something called ChixOs, which is just PixOs sets with dolls, especially for girls. Sigh. But do girls love ’em? Yes, they do.

If you must, buy them for less:
The ChixOs Design-A-Luxury Loft is down to $10 (67% off).
The ChixOs Runway V1 is down to $7 (60% off).
The ChixOs Fashion Boutique is down to $4.40 (60% off).
And the ChixOs Backyard Party is down to $4.40 (60% off).

I think I have to go lie down, now, as I’m feeling overpowered by pink….


  1. Sydney wanted Pixos, last year, but I wonder if she would still be interested in them? She’s almost 10, going on 14….whaddya think? 😛 Probably not the pink ones with the dolls…she is definitely over dolls (much to my disappointment), but there’s a 3D set on sale too…now, if that stupid Wii MySims Agents would go down in price, I could place an order! lol

  2. The worst has to be the pink leggos. What, girls can’t play with the regular ones?

  3. Mir, for the past several Christmases you have practically made my shopping list for me. THANK YOU! I ordered these for my 6 year old. At these prices, you can’t say no!

  4. Would it make you feel better to know I have 4 boys & we have a play kitchen (very gender neutral one)that they all love to play with 🙂

    Obviously, we won’t be buying the “Chix Os” LOL

  5. Siren song of the cute pinkness, I add you to the gift closet for next year’s girl birthdays.

  6. My little man loves our play kitchen, as did my daughter’s little boy friend!

  7. Both my sons loved the play kitchen we had – it did have some pink on it, but they weren’t bothered by it (and I loved the yard sale price!).

  8. My poor daughter gets very little of the pink stuff, as she has a younger brother who can inherit her toys if I can keep the pink/princess/etc to a minimum.

    She’s probably one of very few girls who sleeps in dinosaur and moose pyjamas, too. Goodness, I’m cheap.

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