Christmas is two weeks away

By Mir
December 11, 2009
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Can you believe that? Just two weeks left until Christmas. I have cookies to bake and cards to address and I’m hyperventilating a little bit so I’m going to stop talking, now. Two weeks. I don’t know where Fall went, truly.

Of course you’ve got your shopping well under control, but just in case you’re still in need, let’s start with some Amazon goodness. It’s Friday, so you’ve got the Friday Sale in addition to everything else going on there.

So if you need a two-pack of fake Snuggies you can grab that for $15. Or maybe you want that ubiquitous Calphalon everyday pan for just $32, or the 7-quart Chef’s Casserole for just $50. (I pink puffy heart Calphalon; I’m sure you couldn’t tell.)

If the Friday Sale doesn’t do it for you, there’s plenty of other deals to be had at Amazon today: The Gold Box has a variety of Scene It? games all marked down to just $8 each, and there’s truly something for everyone. (Twilight for your teens, Disney Channel for the littler ones, and Star Trek for the geeks, just to name a few….) Meanwhile, the Video Game Deal of the Day is your choice of Call of Duty or Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 both marked down to $30 for any platform. The toy markdowns are continuing apace, too, and one of our favorite deals from last year is back: Remember the original Colorforms set? It’s down to just $10! (That’s a great one to pick up extras for the gift closet.)

And—of course—if you feel like spending the day chasing the Holiday Lightning Deals, well, there’s plenty of deals coming up.

Had enough Amazon? (Wait, is that even possible…?) Here’s some other options:

Remember the Daily Deal at the Discovery Channel Store? Today they’re recapping all thirty deals at their discounted prices. Sweet. (Free shipping on $75+ with code FREESHIP is still going, too.)

The Target Daily Deals include a really nice barbecue tools set, among other things.

And in addition to the usual crop of mind-blowing deals over at today, they’ve got Heelys for $17! I’m too mean to buy them for my kids, but chances are excellent that you are nicer than me.

Actually, come to think of it… two weeks is just about right. I don’t know that I could keep this pace up much longer, and I am really looking forward to drinking eggnog and playing Dance Dance Revolution with the kids. (What? I hear Santa’s bringing it….)


  1. Going to have to set alarms for some of those lightning deals.

    You’ve turned me into an addict!

  2. Santa is still hoping to find a great deal on DDR, as (s)he missed out on the last one! Fingers crossed!

  3. This is bad. I really want that sequinned hoodie from the Target daily deals, even though I know it would be the first item Stacey and Clinton would rip out of my hands, citing “age-inappropriateness.”

  4. Colorforms! Yay!

  5. damn, amazon, why don’t you do price adjustments anymore? I bought Ultimate Alliance a week or so ago for $40-something!

  6. You HAD to post the Discovery Deals, didn’t you? I got reeled in by the Mythbusters Season 5… Hubby will be thrilled, and better yet, surprised! He’s not surprised by much!

  7. Ack! I clicked on the Calphalon link and it wouldn’t let me out, opening page after page. The Attack of The Calphalon!

  8. Ack! Wouldn’t you know it? I bought that Twilight Scene It game yesterday for my niece!

  9. Thanks for the Heelys! I have been too mean to buy them for many years. But at this price, I’ll soften up.

    And then my kids will see that I really did know what I was talking about, when I said there aren’t very many appropriate times/places to use them. Learning opportunity!

  10. Thanks for the heads-up on the Twilight Scene It game. I’m done Christmas shopping, but that was too good of a deal to pass up. My husband said he is going to remove my computer from the house if I don’t stop finding “just one more thing” after checking your site. I think he’s bluffing… surely he’s bluffing… I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

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