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By Mir
December 12, 2009
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I have a fur-free dog. Oh, not one of those hairless things, but a dog with hair rather than fur. She doesn’t shed. At all. This is fantastic, because my kids make enough of a mess that I really don’t need tumbleweeds of fur added to my life, too.

But if she did shed, I’d pick up a FURminator Deluxe faster than you could say, “shed.” You can learn all about the FURminator on their site (and watch those awesome videos of dogs being de-furred), and see how the Deluxe version has been redesigned and souped up and such.

One lucky Want Not reader is going to win their choice of FURminator, either the cat version or the small, medium, or large dog version. Your precious furball shall be less shedalicious and the angels will sing. (Note to the FTC: Okay, I made the angels part up.)

Want to win? Of course you do! First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post telling me which FURminator you’d like to receive by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (that’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, December 13th, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and fuzziness.

Ready? Go!


  1. Ooooh! Furminator! I would love to win the cat version.

  2. Great giveaway!!! Would love the large dog FURminator, please!

  3. I have two fur generators of the feline variety…I would LOVE to win the cat FURminator!

  4. Rex would like the large dog tool…..please……

  5. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time. I get tired of wading through the dog hairs in my house.

  6. Great time for this one, I would love the medium size FURminator, thank you!

  7. oh! please, please, please!

  8. I’d love the medium one for our growing puppy! Might try to use it on our big fat cat too!

  9. My kitty needs a furminator! A friend let me borrow hers and it was AMAZING!!!!

  10. My Golden has the big one, but my kitty wouldn’t mind having one too. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. I would love the medium dog one. Thanks!!

  12. Medium sized would be a wonderful gift for my two Boston’s!

  13. cat furminator please…. my friend with 6 cats NEEDS this. Thank you

  14. With 6 dogs we could use this!

  15. OOhhh me me please!! I have a german shepherd/border collie mix that sheds horribly in the summer. She would love a medium size one for Christmas.

  16. I wonder if the large would furminate a dog that is really more along the size of a small horse???

  17. I have 2 labs that generate enough extra fur to create puppies! Pick me!

  18. Between the dog and the cats… hmmmmm…. which one sheds worse… I’d have to say the cats win this contest 🙂

  19. I have a Persian cat. And a domestic long-haired cat.

    I need this.

  20. My 80lb, long-haired, mutt of a dog could definitely use some grooming with this. Please pick me random number generator!

  21. friend’s cat just had kittens, kids want one, if i win a furminator it will be a sign that we must adopt a kitten!

  22. Oh please, please!! Dog version. Please.

  23. with TWO, yes TWO Golden Retrievers I beg to win this.


  24. I need the cat furminator!!

  25. We have one but could use another as the kids keep losing it. (We use it for the very furry cat – not the kids)! MKW

  26. With four dogs and two cats we have some serious hair here. A large dog furminator would be a delight. Does it come with a buff young handsome guy to show me how to use it?

  27. med furminator for me please

  28. Egads, the large please. We have a black lab puppy and I can already tell it’s going to be an uphill battle.

  29. I have 4 very large furry dogs. This would be a lifesaver for myself and my house!

  30. small dog version for me please 🙂

  31. Our mutt Susie would love this!

  32. Cat version for me to give to my mother in law. Furminators for the win!

  33. I’d love one for my hound. The dog fur tumbleweeds are taking over. I have considered spinning her fur into yarn and knitting clothes for my family. Alas, I am far too lazy to do anything other than consider this option, so Furminator it is!!

  34. I have 5 ver large dogs, yes 5 and 2 are extremely furry, 2 are normal shedding fury and one, well she’s pretty good but just imagine the time it takes to deshed 5 dogs, oh please Mir, free up some of my time this holiday season!!

  35. I NEEEEEEED the cat Furminator desperately! I have two cats who between them produce enough shed fur I could make a winter coat for myself with a matching hand muff! 🙂

  36. You mean your not supposed to have big wads of dog fur wafting thru the house? How odd? Medium furminator for our dog. She’s adorable, but she sure is fuzzy!

  37. DESPERATELY need this.

  38. Awesome! I just looked at these at the hardware store– the price made me walk away. We’d love this!

  39. It’s a constant battle to keep the dog hair under control around here!

  40. My parents really need the large dog one, please!

  41. would love to have medium sized dog one, thanks so much!!!!

  42. I have to sweep everyday b/c of our beloved fur ball. I would love the med dog FURminator please…

  43. My kitty would love a furminator!

  44. I’m interested in the medium-sized dog version! Thanks for offering this!

  45. My family has a medium sized dog that would benefit from this! 🙂

  46. I would love to have the medium-sized dog version!

  47. i have 3 cats — could really use the cat version!

  48. Let me tell you about our tumbleweeds. The other day the 2-year-old was just waking up as our cleaning lady showed up. He said, “I gotta tell her abou the fuzzies. MISS DONNA! There are fuzzies on the rug. And on the playroom rug.”

  49. With our two beasties – the large dog one would be great. Thanks!

  50. The cat one would be great!

  51. I’m not sure who would be happier with this prize – the kitties, me (less vacuuming), or hubs (less fur around in general). Thanks for the chance!


  53. yes, please.

  54. I would LOVE to win this for a dear friend with two huge (wonderful) very hairy pooches! Thanks!! Have I mentioned how lovely you are?! 😀

  55. I want to win.

  56. let’s see…I’ll go for the large dog version for my sister-in-law. I mean, for her dog…not her!

  57. my weiner dog would love the small one for dogs

  58. Please pick me for the small dog one.I would love to win

  59. An end to cat fur tumble weeds would be welcome in our home.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  60. I have a Newfoundland/Lab mix, so the LARGE Furminator would be awesome!! Thanks!!!

  61. our dog loses hair in clumps due to his allergies..I would love to get it all in one clump! He is a large dog.

  62.…and I can ‘clone’ zach !!
    Please Mir !!!

  63. Goldee (our 4 year old Golden) NEEDS this. The LARGE would be perfect – THANKS!

  64. Heaven knows this would come in handy with our 4 dogs and 3 cats, so please enter me and save the life of my vacuum!

  65. oh oh oh! Cat version, please! I would say it’s for me and my three cats, but really I’m going to give it to my neighbor. She just inherited her daughter’s three cats (her daughter enlisted) and she just got new carpeting that clashes with the cat fur. She NEEDS this…

  66. I have seven cats and a dog and a hairy boyfriend (kidding about the boyfriend).

  67. My life would be made so much easier with this tool 🙂 pick me please!

  68. 3 FURballs of the feline persuasion here!

  69. Forgot to say in my last post, medium version

  70. Wow, I had no idea they had these for cats! Thanks for a chance at owning one!

  71. My chocolate lab would love to be furminated. 🙂

  72. I have a 70 pound Golden Retriever in desperate need of furmination. I’ve got 70 pounds of dog fur tumbleweeds to go with him, mostly affixed to my couch. Arrgh. In short: the big doggie one, please!!

  73. My mom could use this…for her DOG, of course. 🙂

  74. Cat. We have a long-haired Maine Moon cat and NEED help with the little furball.

  75. Dark blue carpet + white dog = daily vacuuming. I want a shedless dog.

  76. I would love the cat version.

  77. I could definitely use a cat furminator!

  78. We have both a cat and dog that shed like it’s their job! This would be great to win!

  79. Please??

  80. the cat version would help us so much! Our long-haired kitty leaves fur everywhere.

  81. I have a fur-shedding cat that would love this. Ok, so maybe it’s his owner that would love it! ;o)

  82. My adorable (if ridiculously energetic) jack russell/boxer mix sheds on demand. Crazy. At least it is human-like hair and not so allergenic. This would help sooooooo much!

  83. the kitty one, please! i think the tumbleweeds are going to carry me away one of these days!

  84. Would love to have less “Bear hair” to sweep up on a daily basis.

    ps – No, we do not have a bear, that is the dog’s name.

  85. We just (this morning!) adopted a rescued a Great Pyrenees mix. We chose him last Sunday and picked him up this afternoon. Home from the vet and napping with my husband. Son brushed him and we have white fur everywhere. We’d love the large one!

  86. 100+ lb. yellow lab = LARGE SHEDDING DOG…so yeah, large would be splendid!

  87. MEOW x 4. Yeah.

  88. We have a GOLDEN! SHEDDING GALORE!!!

  89. Two cats…we would love this!

  90. I really want one for my “part stuffed animal/part surprise” rescue dog. AND I want to tell my father in law- MINE WAS CHEAPER- HA!

  91. We have a long-haired cat. This could be the “ticket!” 🙂

  92. I’d get the medium. I actually have the small already.

  93. I’ve been looking for something like this. I would love to have the medium one, please.

  94. The medium dog version, please!

  95. LARGE dog version please for my LARGE chocolate lab who sheds a gazillion hairs every day!


  96. Oooh, the cat please. This could be awesome. Dare I say, good-bye zyrtec?

  97. We LOVE our Furminator but we bought them *before* they came out with all kinds of different sizes so we find ourselves brushing our giant labs with something more fitting for the kitties. Sign us up for a Large dog sized one please please please!

  98. Oh this would be a lifesaver for me!

  99. Gosh, with all the foster dogs that roll through my house, this would ROCK!

  100. medium dog for me, please

  101. I have a medium dog and she would love not to get hair all over our house.

  102. this would probably make my cat lose MORE hair, but it’s worth a shot. Cat version, please!

  103. The large size would be great for our golden!

  104. I would love to win the large dog FURminator for my two large labs whose fur takes over my home!

  105. I can feel the hair being removed now!! THANKS Mir

  106. Bring on the furminator!!

  107. We have 2 large dogs and would love the large dog version! Thanks for the contest Mir!

  108. I have two grand dogs and I really really really need this!

  109. OOO… de-fur me please!

  110. Hey pick me…my son needs this really badly for his dog!

  111. My cat sheds enough fur to make several more cats, so this would be useful!

  112. I would love the medium one for my Grandfather’s dog. =)

  113. I don’t know how you got so lucky, because my supposedly non-shedding hair-instead-of-fur dog sheds. A LOT. 70lbs of dog and 90 lbs of fur balls. I need this thing!

  114. would love the medium dog one!

  115. I NEED the medium dog one!! I have 2 dogs and the tumbleweeds are a constant battle!

  116. I foster Golden Retrievers, as well as having 2 of my own, so I would love the large dog one!

  117. please me

  118. I need need need this~ I have a 120 lb lab who sheds like crazy!! Please and Thank you!

  119. I have a gigantic lab that we would love to use the large one on! Thanks Mir!

  120. my cat needs this please! and thanks

  121. WOOHOO! With 3 dogs, we need this bad!

  122. my furry dog would LOVE this!

  123. Large dog furminator would be awesome!

  124. kitty cat:)

  125. Cat version please!

  126. Oreo desperately needs this thing.

  127. My dog is a furball… a large furball. I’d definately need the large dog one. I cannot imagine a dog that doesn’t shed… I’m envious.

  128. With 7 kitties and 2 we feed outside, we NEED this! Please, pick me! Pick me!

  129. Just watching that video makes my nose itch.

    Thanks, Mir!

  130. I have the dog one, but have 3 shedding cats-this would be awesome!

  131. Large dog version…we live with two BIG labs here!

  132. I have two cats who could use the help… though the furbunnies are less annoying than the hairballs!

  133. Oooh, I want the large one for my Chow mix! Take pity on me!

  134. This would be so great because I have to groom my dog myself…..So here’s crossing my fingers………

  135. A large dog furminator would be awesome as a gift for my inlaws. I love their dogs, but not the shedding they do all over my couch….

  136. I’d like the kitty kitty kitty kitty version. ‘Cause that’s how many we have. (Ha, saw you shudder, Mir!)

  137. So will my house be fur free..finally!!?!?!?!???

  138. Our dog-loving home could really use the medium sized one.

  139. I would love the small furminator for my 5 (yes, 5) cats and a dog!

  140. I would love to have the cat furminator, I need this with the fluffy furball I have.

  141. OMG large dog please please pick me! Never have I needed to win a contest so badly. Save me from grooming bills for a chow/husky mix! His fur broke the groomer’s shears last time 🙁

  142. Boy, do I need this, with five large hairy dogs in my house! I’d like a large, please!

  143. I would absolutely love to win the cat version.

  144. sweet

  145. Pick me! I’m extremely fuzzy, even without cats. 🙂

    Cat version, please.

  146. I have 3 hairballs – 1 dog and 2 cats, so I could use one of each:)

  147. Medium Dog Version for me please thanks!

  148. I NEED a large dog FURminator for my extra large Labradoodle. He loses hair like it is his personal mission to cover my house in a layer of dog hair! I am forever finding “tumbleweeds” blowing across the floor. HELP!

  149. I would love the cat version. I have 2 of my own cats. I also just this past week have taken in 4 mommy cat and their 27 babies. I foster animals all throughout the year. Someone had dropped of litters upon litters of mommies and babies at the shelter and they had no place to keep the babies safe. Can anyone guess how noisy it is in my house right now.

  150. Gilly says she would like a FURminator so I will stop using that abrasive brush on her delicate body.

  151. Doggie one would be perfect!

  152. Pick me please! Got a dog that really needs this!

  153. I’m thinking the small one would work well on my guinea pig that sheds like crazy.

  154. The cat version would be perfect!

  155. I have 4 cats. I can’t find my couch.

  156. My dog would be a sleek, beautiful doggie who doesn’t leave hair on the couch as often

  157. I would love one for my two cats. It looks like the under 20 pound size would be best.

  158. We have a sheltie. ‘Nuff said.

  159. the cat version, pretty please!

  160. Need one for the cat ASAP!

  161. I have two big furry dogs. Would love the large one

  162. I would LOVE to win the Medium version — it would be the perfect gift for my parents, who graciously took in our 30 lb fur factory of a dog when we moved to China for a year. They love to tell me how many Swiffers they go through a month since she moved in with them.

  163. large dog please!

  164. Perfect, I just passed a cat fur tumbleweed in the kitchen! I’m in for a cat version

  165. Cat version, please! Thanks!

  166. I would love the meduim sized dog one. I am imagining the house free of dog hair… sigh.

  167. Four cats in the house say ‘please!’ (also, send cheezeburgers.)

  168. Medium dog! One small-yet-incredibly-sheddy dog. I can’t believe the amount of fur that accumulates on our baseboards.

  169. Large dog, please!

  170. furr free for me. Cat furminator for me.

  171. Oh, a cat one for me! Though I’d then have to figure out how to use it on him without receiving SEVERE retribution.

    Do they have a husbands one?

  172. We have a medium sized dog. A Beagle. And while we’re glad she doesn’t chew up everything we own, she does shed. I have enough shed fur to make 2 or 3 other entire dogs. Could use your help, with the medium sized furminator. Thank you!

  173. I would love to give this to my daughter!

  174. My kids would love this…..We do not have any pets. I have 3 boys and do not need anything else to clean up after!

    Thank you!

  175. I have dog hair tumbleweeds the size of chuhuahuas! I love my german shepherd, but not the hair!

  176. Hairy Chhristmas!!!!!

  177. Our cat is three quarters hair. Most of that hair ends up in the floor. When we walk through the house, it looks like we are wearing Angora slippers! Help please!

  178. I would like the cat version please. And thank you.

  179. Very large dog please!

  180. Would love the medium one.

  181. Medium and/or Cat one please…not too picky here!

  182. small dog please

  183. We are getting a small dog. Awesome!!

  184. The tumbleweeds of hair in our house are the size of a small dog, we could definitely use a very large one here 🙂

  185. Oh man, I’d love to win the medium dog one!

  186. I have a persian (aka, great gobs of fur everywhere ALL THE TIME) and a chihuahua – the small pet one would be great for us!

  187. I’ve got just the people to give it to.

  188. If I had this, I wouldn’t have the pleasure of pulling 2 inch long pieces of white cat hair off all my clothes.

    I would like the cat one please.

  189. I soooo need the furminator for medium dogs. My beagle sheds like crazy!

  190. Good idea. Hope it works!

  191. We could use the cat version!!

  192. I would LOVE to have a Furminator for my zoo! 🙂

  193. Medium please!

  194. My dalmatian would love this! Thanks for the chance to win.

  195. Hey I would love the large dog version for my Golden Retriever, aka the Fur Factory….:)

  196. I go through lots of lint rolls on my lint brush. I would love to have a chance at the cat version. I have a very petite female, Tessa. 🙂

  197. We would love love love the large one for Daisy, who keeps the Hoover vacuum cleaner folks in business.

  198. me me me! I NEED this, or rather, George the Giant Cat needs this.

  199. Oh, that would be the large dog version.

  200. Oh random number thingy please pick me! We have medium sized black lab that sheds enough for 4 dogs!

  201. Me please!

  202. What a great reason to get a dog!

  203. Oooh! I would like the medium dog one for Darwin & my sanity!

  204. Our growing (and ever shedding) pup would love it please!

  205. With a golden retreiver, a long haired dachsund and a cat…I NEED this!!! Would love the large dog version.

  206. I would love to win the cat version to use on Mr. Fluffy when shedding season starts this spring!

  207. Would love the large dog version of the furminator. Thanks!

  208. 4 cats…’nuff said….

  209. Anything that cuts down on dog hair works for me!

  210. Oh man! I would really like the Large dog version FURminator! I just got back from the groomers and paid 51.00 for their furminator bath! And thats was just for one of our labs!

  211. I wonder if my cats would like this as much as I think I would?

  212. I have a cat and a dog…which one will I choose? The 100 lb. yellow lab definitely outsheds the 9 lb. cat so I’ll have to go with the large dog version. Hope I win!!!

  213. I’d love the large dog one!!! Give thanks that you weren’t talked into getting a dog that sheds – AGH!!!

  214. I’ve been eyeballing these for my 2 large dogs.

  215. Oh, fur is the bane of my existence, and I’m not joking. If it actually worked, the big doggie one would be my choice. Oh boy do I want to win this contest!!

  216. I have a huge Lab. All he does is sleep, eat, and shed. So I would want to win the large dog version. Puhleeze, RNG. Pick me.

  217. Pick me! Two large yellow labs = lots of fur tumbleweeds in the house 😉 Big dog version would be my choice, of course!

  218. OOOOOH, AAAAAH!!!!! My little chihuahua could benefit from the Furminator:O)

  219. Two hairy shedding dogs — would love a FURminator in medium!

  220. Oooh – I’d get the dog version for sure. My dog isn’t so much a shedder, but my sis has two dogs that shed like crazy. Cool contest, Mir!

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