An anniversary, and a feast

By Mir
December 14, 2009
Category Contests

Today’s contest offers your choice of two prizes. Please read this entire post before entering!

First: Did you know it’s been 50 years since The Sound of Music debuted? I can hardly believe that. (Remember when it was on TV once a year and you had to beg to stay up and watch it, because there was no such thing as DVDs and only rich people had VCRs?) But yes, for 50 years we’ve been trying to solve a problem like Maria. Ahhhh.

In honor of this auspicious occasion, I have a Sound of Music combo for you today. It consists of this gorgeous collectible pop-up book and the 50th Anniversary music CD. This would make the perfect gift for anyone who’s a musical theater enthusiast, or would be a great way to introduce the next generation to what an incredible earworm “Doe, A Deer” is. One reader will receive this pair.

Alternatively, if you’re not into Sound of Music, or if you’re just very hungry, we had such a great response to the last Cook’s Ham contest that the Cook’s folks said we should do it again—twice! I have two coupons for a free Cook’s Ham (up to $30 value) available, as well. Two readers will receive a coupon for a free ham (just in time for Christmas)!

To enter this one, first go review the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave me a comment by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (that’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, December 16th, 2009, telling me whether you’d like to receive a ham coupon or the Sound of Music bundle. You must pick one, please. Winners to be determined by random number generation and ability to hit the high notes.

Ready? Go!


  1. Sound of Music bundle would be simply DIVINE!!! It is my fav movie of all times!

  2. mmmm ham…

  3. Ahhhh! I LOVE the Sound of Music, and my daughter is JUST getting old enough to watch and mostly appreciate the WHOLE thing. We’d LOVE to listen to the music in the van! Or, we can eat ham. Either way!

  4. My father took my mother on their first date to see the Sound of Music. She reminds me of this every time the opportunity presents itself, which used to be at least once a year when it aired on TV. Hard to believe that first date was 50 years ago.

    Damn, suddenly I feel very, very old.

    A prize would make me feel better… 🙂
    Only so I could give it to my mom.

  5. Have to choose the ham. For the family. I love the movie, but with two boys…I’ve had a little trouble convincing them. And they LOVE to eat.

  6. Awesome!!

  7. Sound of Music…pretty please, pretty Mir?

  8. Sound of Music, though I don’t think you want me to sing any high notes!

  9. The Lonely Goatherd is my earworm of choice. My girls and I would love to have the Sound of Music bundle!

  10. Oh Mir! This is a wonderful contest! Hubby and I were just discussing our love for Sound of Music last night. I would so love THe Sound of Music COmbo. IF not for me, than perhaps for my dad who may love Sound of Music more than me!

  11. Sound of Music please!

  12. Ham please

  13. Sound of Music bundle for sure. I drove my brothers nuts watching the copy my mom recorded off the TV.

  14. I think I would feel better about myself if I were more of a Sound of Music person…but I’m going to go for HAM, please! 🙂

  15. The Sound of Music has aged better than I have.

  16. Definitely the ham, since my parents took me to go see “The Sound of Music” one year at a playhouse and it was the longest two+ hours of my life.

  17. Oooh, ham!

  18. Hubby loves Ham.

  19. Ham, please. Oink!

  20. Love that Cook’s ham!

  21. Oh, most definately Sound of Music! Please!

  22. OOOOHHHHH! Sound of Music was unknown to me for the first 22 years of my life…I was so deprived!! Now, it is a part of my soul! I would love this gift package!

  23. I would like the Sound of Music combo!

  24. If there is a choice…ham, but I’m grateful either way.

  25. The Sound of Music is my favorite movie of all time and my heart nearly melts when my 4 year old begins to try to recite some songs on her own. The CD would be loved by this family!

  26. Ham salad sandwiches are my fav!

  27. One of the first dates for my parents was to go see The Sound of Music. I would love to give them this prize 🙂

  28. I’m all about the Sound of Music! (and I don’t eat pork, so no trouble deciding which to pick)

  29. I love the Sound of Music!

  30. One of my favorite movies and I don’t even own it. I would LOVE to own it!

  31. Ham here 🙂

  32. As much as I love the Sound of Music, I would prefer the Taste of Ham.

  33. I would love to introduce my girls to the Sound of Music.

  34. Ham, please!

  35. The Sound of Music is an honored holiday tradition in our family! (And umm…I have the entire set of Sound of Music Bradford Exchange commemorative plates on display in my kitchen.)

    My mom would always say “If Maria can make clothes for all those kids out of some old curtains, you can certainly do…(whatever it was I’d claimed I couldn’t do).”

  36. Ooohhhhh pick me

  37. A very difficult choice! However, I think I need you to pick me for the ham.

  38. Ham please!!

  39. I’m definitely more “ham” than S-O-M, so ham is my pick.

  40. Pick Ham PLEASE!!
    Thank you
    Thank you….

  41. Sound of Music please. I’m gonna have to see if my DVR will find it this week now that the songs are stuck in my head.

  42. Please, please!! We would love the Sound of Music! THANKS MIR!

  43. I have a friend who’s obsessed with the Sound of Music, she would love this!

  44. Ohhh, that sound of music pack sounds great! You really don’t want me to try to hit the high notes though 🙂

  45. I love ham and the Sound of Music, but I’ll have to go with the ham this time!

  46. Oh, Sound of Music here… “I am 16, going on 17…”

  47. Sound of Music PLEASE!!!!!!

  48. Hmmm…can I have the sound of ham? OK, how about the music bundle. “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…”

  49. I never thought i would have to choose between The SOund of Music …and ham. Being the practical one, I will take the ham, please:)

  50. ooooh! sound of music, sound of music! how exciting. i was just thinking my daughter is getting old enough to appreciate some bits of it…

  51. The Sound of Music – hands down. I think I might know the whole thing by heart!

  52. Would LOVE Sound of Music bundle for my daughter – she LOVES musicals!!

  53. do, a deer, a female deer
    re, a drop of golden sun
    mi, a name I call myself
    fa, a long, long way to run
    so, a needle pulling thread
    la, a note to follow so
    ti, a drink with jam and bread
    that will bring us back to do oh oh oh

    ahem. I didn’t do that from memory or anything.


  54. I’m pretty sure that more people are going to want The Sound of Music. Sadly, as much as I love ham, I’m ruining my odds by being one of them. I can reinforce to my daughter that Julie Andrews is way more than Anne Hathaway’s grandma!

  55. What a decision! OK – the ham wins.

  56. Ham!

  57. I absolutly love The Sound of Music. After watching it for the first time, I bought the sheet music to Edelweiss and played it for my next piano recital. Also, like Chickadee, I’m a vegetarian – so not really interested in ham. 🙂

  58. Sound of Music, please! Thanks!

  59. We would love the sound of music!!

  60. SOM: PLEASE!

  61. Tough choice, but..gimme the pig.

  62. Pork the other white meat…yum!

  63. Oh my word…. I love the sound of music. Pretty please??

  64. Ham on ham eaters!

  65. Julie Andrews and the Sound of Music can we say more?

  66. I caught the last couple hours of The Sound of Music on TV late last year. Why did it take me until I was 33 to discover this gem? Just call me culturally deprived. However, I would love to torture, uh, enlighten my children with a book and CD! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  67. Gotta go with the ham.

  68. Sound of Music please

  69. I want. I promise to put it to good use.

  70. Sound of Music bundle please!

  71. AAAAAH! The Sound of Music, please. Nothing against ham, but music and books rarely go to my hips.

  72. Since my daughter was 3 years-old, she would beg to watch the “Marie Show”. It would take her four days to get through all of it, but she loved it. Please enter me in for the Sound of music.

  73. Sound of Music pretty please! That set sounds awesome.

  74. So hard to pick! I think Sound of Music would be awesome.

  75. Ham please!

  76. pick me! sound of music please:)

  77. I should probably get the ham, but I choose The Sound of Music bundle instead!

  78. My husband is the one who loves The Sound of Music, believe it or not!

  79. SOM Please!!! Love ham but SOM is better!!!

  80. Sound of Music, please – my all time FAVORITE movie!

  81. Ham! Thanks!

  82. Love the Sound of Music!

  83. I’d love the ham please! I’d also love the music, but we already have multiple copies of the movie. The kids (and adults) love it! I’d rather see someone who doesn’t have any Sound of Music get that prize. Spread the love.

  84. Ham, please. You can keep any green eggs.

  85. My daughter already sings “Do a Deer”, so the CD would be awesome!

  86. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!! Did I say, LOVE? LOVE, THE SOUND OF MUSIC!!!!! It is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. I’d love to win the ham, please! Thanks so much!

  88. I’ve never seen Sound of Music, so I’ll go with the ham coupon.

  89. oh the memories!! pick me please

  90. Oh the ham please! The Polish side of our family is visiting over the holidays. And holidays=ham in Polish 🙂

  91. I’m going to have to say I’d like the ham coupon because I already have the Sound of Music! 🙂

  92. I’m a sucker for The Sound of Music!

  93. Sound of Music! 🙂

  94. ham please!

  95. Ooh! Sound of Music bundle, please!

    I teach a public speaking class at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and not an hour ago I had a student commemorating Julie Andrews’ portrayals of Maria von Trapp and Mary Poppins! He said that Maria & Mary were like his mom when he was growing up, because he didn’t have a mom.

    I know…all together now…AWWW. (And this is a 29-year-old veteran who’s a returning college student! My job rules.)

  96. Yummy ham for the holidays!

  97. Love, love, love the Sound of Music. I wanted to be Julie Andrews when I grew up. (still do.)

  98. Sound of music was my favorite movie growing up and that book looks BEAUTIFUL! Pick me please 🙂

  99. The Sound of Music! My favorite thing. So much that we walked down the aisle to the same music the Captain and Maria did. So much so that my husband knows all the words to the songs (and kinda of the moves to the farewell song). So much so that we’ve been to the Sound of Music sing-a-long and my parents have done the Sound of Music tour in Europe (the love for this musical is inherited!). It may drive him crazy (I know he has *loved* that our VCR is broken and I have not been able to watch my VHS version), but totally worth it!

  100. Whoa. Not sure if I actually caught a snippet about this somewhere or what, but I was totally trying to remember the words to Do, a Deer the other night in the shower. That pushes me over the edge for the Sound of Music bundle, even though I love me some cured pig.

  101. An alto here opting for ham! Thanks for this opportunity Mir. I don’t know how you manage to look so pretty with all the workpeople under foot. You go girl!

  102. Pig meat!!

  103. I love Sound of Music & I love ham. I have 7 kids who sing & they love ham too. I’m sure this qualifies me for something.

  104. Sound of Music!! I always wanted to be Liesl…

  105. Since my boys mock my singing, and I would have to singalong to that CD, I would like the HAM

  106. “The hiiiiiiiiiillllss are alive…” I love The Sound of Music!!!!

  107. ham-a-lama ding dong.

    this girl wants the ham!

  108. Sound of Music….PLEASE!!!

  109. Oh fun!

  110. I would love the Sound of Music combo! 😉

  111. I’m hungry, ham please

  112. Hammmmmm…..

  113. Just decided yesterday that ham is on the menu for Christmas! Perfect timing!

  114. Here piggy, piggy! or Ham please

  115. THe Hills Are Alive …. Please, the Sound of Music!

  116. A ham would be nice, thanks!

  117. Ham. I love ham more than I should. Thank you!

  118. Oh, The Sound of Music so I can give it to my mother-in-law for Christmas and be the best daughter-in-law! Oh, wait, I’m her *only* daughter-in-law …

  119. Sound of Music please….my daughter and I would love it!!

  120. The Sound of Music for sure. What a wonderful movie.

  121. The hiiiilllllsss are alive….Sound of Music, please!

  122. Sound of Music!

  123. Can you believe I’ve never seen this movie???

  124. In LOVE The Sound of Music!

  125. Ham please!!

  126. The Sound of Music for me, please!

  127. ham for our fam, please

  128. “sounds” lovely count me in

  129. the sound of music, please!

  130. This was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theater.

  131. I adore the Sound of Music. But alas, have it only on a VCR tape, and no longer have a VCR, now that I think of it. (How is that possible that they became unnessary so very quickly?)

  132. Ham ME!

  133. HAM HAM a scrumptious HAM! I already have the movie, so I can honor the contest with a viewing while we eat delicious ham.

  134. I can’t sing to save my life so I have to have someone else do it for me. Might as well be Julie Andrews. Sound of music, pretty please with a cherry on top.

  135. I’d love a free ham for Christmas dinner!

  136. Hamma hamma hamma! (Too eager?)

  137. Sound of Music!

  138. I LOVE the sound of Music!

  139. Oh, I totally want the Sound of Music bundle!!
    “And underneath her wimple, she had CURLERS in her hair…”
    (I love the word “wimple”!)

  140. I love the Sound of Music – please enter me for the bundle!

  141. Sound of Music! When I was a little girl I wanted so badly to be Maria! Yes, I aspired to be a nun-nanny.

  142. Ham please.

  143. Awesome combo.

  144. ham. mmmm ham.

  145. I guess I’d like the ham, since, you know, I’m supposed to cook one of those this year. Does it come with instructions? 😉

  146. HAM!!!

  147. We’re huge Sound of Music fans. thanks Pretty Mir!

  148. do re mi

  149. My sister-in-law’s family love The Sound of Music. That would make a great Holiday surprise for her & her kids.

  150. Ummmm ham please.

  151. love the Sound of Music (really, I do!) but I reaaaaallllly wanted that ham last time. Hoping the RNG shows me some love this time around! Thanks!!

  152. sound of music please!

  153. Sound of Music for me!

  154. The hills are alive…thank you, now I will be singing the rest of the day! Thanks for the giveaway!

  155. my husband votes for ham!!!

  156. I love the Sound of Music but I must choose the ham!

  157. As much as I adore TSoM, I must go ham on this one. Dinner. Dinner again. Dinner again. Freeze some dinner for later. Make ham and bean soup. Hmmm. Ham.

  158. Sound of Music please-to replace my seriously scratched one. Thank you!!!

  159. Ham, ham, ham, ham! (Not to be confused with Monty Python’s “Spam, spam, spam, spam!”)

  160. I would love the Sound of Music bundle! Thanks!!

  161. Me, a name I call my self. I might just have to buy that should I not win it! I will be singing it all day!
    Sound of Music, please!

  162. Sound of Music FANATICS, here. We would love it!

  163. The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Me Winning!!! Sound of Music please!!

  164. The hills are aliiiiiiiiiveeeeeee. Sound of Music, please 😉

  165. I don’t eat ham, but my family does. Soz if lucky enough to win, I pick ham.

  166. Ham!

  167. Ham please

  168. Ham I am!

  169. I would love the music. Thanks!

  170. ham coupon

  171. Ham, please!

  172. YUM ham!!

  173. ham please!

  174. Sound of Music, please…. do re me fa so la te do!!! 🙂

  175. Sound of Music!
    Thanks 🙂

  176. Ham-a-rama!

  177. Sound of music!

  178. ham or sound of music, either one sounds great!

    I think giveaways make you extra pretty. 🙂

  179. whoops, didn’t see that you had to pick one – in that case the Sound of Music. sorry!

  180. Ham, please!

  181. Love my pig!!

  182. Definitely the Sound of Music!!!

  183. Ham pretty please..

  184. We love ham!

  185. Please enter me! I would love to win the Sound of Music CD.

  186. Ham would be great for Christmas!!

  187. Sound of Music bundle would be awesome. Thanks for the chance.

  188. While I can’t believe I’m passing up the Sound of Music, I’d have to say… HAM!

  189. The ham would be great. =)

  190. Ham, pretty please.

  191. the ham coupon, pretty please 🙂

  192. I’m in for the ham!

  193. ME, ME! A name I call myself………..

    Sound of Music, for sure!

  194. The Sound of Music sounds like music to my ear. Thanks!

  195. I’d love to win Sound of Music!

  196. ham! more ham! this family is gonna turn into a ham!

  197. I’d like Ham, please!

  198. Sound of Music please.

  199. More green eggs and ham please.

  200. We’re all a bunch of hams here and you are what you eat….

  201. Sound of music please

  202. Sound of Music please.

  203. Two excellent choices but I must go with the ham. Please.

  204. I’d love the Sound of Music package! I remember when we had those tiny crappy handheld “pianos” when I was a kid (that came with a little pocket to keep it in, if you remember). I learned to play “Do, a Deer” on it, so in my head, I always sing, “Do, re mi, do mi do mi. Re, mi fa fa mi re faaaa!” I know the whole song that way. Jealous, aren’t ya? 😉


  205. I would loooooove the Sound of Music …pretty pretty please

  206. Sound of Music, pretty please!

  207. sound of music of course!

  208. As a vegetarian…I’m going to have to go for Sound of Music. 🙂

  209. Sound of Music is a favorite at my house!

  210. Cook’s Ham is favorite here. Thanks!

  211. The Sound of Music, please!

  212. Sound of Music, would be wonderful!

  213. Oh, the Sound of Music, please!

  214. Ack! Decisions!

    I think my boys need to be introduced to the Sound of Music.:)

  215. Sound of music for me, please!

  216. The Sound of Music is my most favorist movie of all time! So I choose the DVD, even though I love ham too!

  217. I would love the sound of music bundle! My sister and I went on the sound of music tour in Austria when my husband was stationed overseas. It was so fun to see all the places the movie was filmed. I would love to have this collection as this is a special movie to us!

  218. Spare my family from listening to me sing Edelweiss at the top of my tuneless lungs by putting me in for the ham, Mir 🙂

  219. mmmm ham

  220. sound of music, please!

  221. I would love the Sound of Music bundle. I’ve yet to share the movie with my kids.

  222. The hills are alive… these are a few of my favorite things! (Sound of Music Please!)

  223. I would like the ham coupon!

  224. Ham, please!!!

  225. Sound of Music!!!!! 🙂

  226. the sound of music would be awesome! favorite movie ever!

  227. Sound of Music, please!

  228. Sound of Music bundle, please!

  229. I’m very hungry, thank you!

  230. MMMMMM Ham

  231. I would like a ham! (I hate The Sound of Music. Shh.)

  232. Ham for me!

  233. I would love the sound of music combo for my grandma!

  234. Well, I can hit a high note, but it won’t be pretty. Ham for me, please!!

  235. Ham, please! Thanks!

  236. SOUND OF MUSIC, please. My husband has never seen it!!

  237. Ham please =)

  238. As much as I love the Sound of Music, I’m going to have to go with the ham just for regifting potential.

  239. That is a tough one. But since I am trying to lower my cholesterol, I’ll have to go with Sound of Music.

  240. Sound of music! Yeah. Very cool.

  241. Ham please. 🙂

  242. Sound of Music, please!

  243. Sound of Music!

  244. Sound of Music!

  245. These are a few of my favorite things…but The Sound of Music wins!!

  246. I want the Sound Of Music all the way!!!

  247. Music please. Hubs was Captain Von Trapp in his high school play.

  248. That’s a very hard choice. But I’d love the ham.

  249. While I am a huge Sound of Music fan . . .I’m also very hungry . . . ham please!

  250. We would love the movie bundle please!

  251. The Hills are alive with The Sound of Music, Please!!

  252. Sounds of music

  253. OMG, which to choose? I give in. I’m musician to the core. Sound of Music it is, if I’m lucky to be smiled upon by the random number generator.

  254. 50 years? Really? Wow!
    The Sound of Music package for me please (I am a drama teacher! 🙂

  255. Sound of Music definately. The only thing that would calm my daughter down when she was a baby was Doe a Deer and My Favorite Things. She was singing both by the time she was one. Thanks!

  256. A ham would be lovely!

  257. Yes, yes, yes for Sound of Music!! Please please please.

  258. Sound of Music . . . please!

  259. I love the Sound of Music and I love ham. Brilliant.


  261. Sound of Music– my daughter loves it.

  262. One of the best things I’ve done this year was go to the Sound of Music Sing-A-Long at the Hollywood Bowl.. there is something amazing when thousands of people break into “The Hills are alive…” all at once! 🙂

  263. My family loves the SOM!

  264. The Sound of Music, please–my daughter and I both love it.

  265. Sound of Music, please!

  266. Sound of Music, please! Thanks Mir!

  267. Ham please!

  268. Sound of Music for me, please!

  269. The ham coupon, please! Thank you, pretty Mir.

  270. Yee haw! I would prefer the ham coupon, please!

  271. Sound of Music would be fabulous!

  272. I would love the juicy goodness of Ham!

  273. Did someone say ham?

  274. I would love a ham coupon!

  275. Ham please.

  276. ham over music anyday.

  277. I love the Sound of Music, but this time I’d have to go with the ham.

  278. The sound of music is my absolute favorite. I used to watch it EVERY night, till I fell asleep. Wore out many a tape when I was a kid. This would make my christmas, as I was just looking for this the other day – wanna start the twins out loving it early!

  279. The Sound of Music was the first movie my mother saw in a theater – this would be an awesome gift for her 🙂

  280. The hills are alive with the sound of music…. 🙂

  281. Since I have a newborn and a toddler and absolutely no desire to cook Christmas dinner…Ham, please! 😉

  282. I’d love the Sound of Music please! My 4 year old dd loves the movie already. She’d love to practice the songs with the cd!

  283. Love the Sound of Music! My 2 year old daughter calls Favorite Things-raindrops on kittens!

  284. I would love the Sound of Music set. That would be THE PERFECT present for a dear friend of mine.

  285. Oh, Mir! My sweet husband loves Julie Andrews and enjoys watching The Sound of Music every Christmas. He would be thrilled! Pick me, pick me!

  286. My dad always makes us watch the Sound of Music at Christmastime! I would love to share the set with him! Merry Christmas!

  287. Ham sounds oh so yummy!!

  288. The Sound of Music, without a doubt. My husband may roll his eyes, but I love it!

  289. oh so nice it would be to win the sound of music bundle!!! thanks for all your great bargains!

  290. Sound of Music, please.

  291. Sound of Music bundle please 🙂

  292. I LOVE the Sound of Music.

  293. HAM! 🙂

  294. Never been a musical fan, sadly. I’m in for the ham.

  295. Either would be great!

  296. sound of music, all the way!

  297. hammy ham ham!!!!!

  298. Sound of music!!

  299. sound of music!

  300. I’ll pick Sound of Music over ham any day! LOL!

  301. mmmm….ham wins! Mostly b/c my mom has a copy of the sound of music that we watch when we visit her sometimes.

  302. Ham please!

  303. Sound of Music please!

  304. Sound of Music bundle!

  305. 16 people for dinner I pick the ham

  306. Sound of Music for me, please?

  307. We love, love, love The Sound of Music. Even my 9 year old son. My kids go around the house singing the songs!

  308. We have the movie and LOVE it. It’s one of my all time favorite movies. Pls enter me in the contest for the ham.

  309. Sound of music! I’ve never seen it!

  310. I’ll go for the ham, since I KNOW I like that! Never seen the movie, so I can’t commit to that one.

  311. Sound of Music…it’s one of my favorite things! 😉

  312. This is my all time fav!

  313. My hubby would say HAM, but I will override and go for The Sound of Music!! Yay!

  314. My sisters and I sang to the sound track ALBUM (yes we are old!) when we were kids!

  315. Mouths to feed on Xmas Eve – Ham, please!

  316. I have been a Sound of Music fan since I was little, so I already own the movie! I would love the ham for Christmas dinner!

  317. Climb every mountain….

  318. Definitely the ham, please.

  319. Sound of music bundle for me, please

  320. Gotta go with the ham, the kids are crazy about it lately!

  321. hard decision, but will go with the lasting sound of music 🙂

  322. I want ham!!!

  323. The Sound of Music, please!

  324. My head hurts just thinking about how many times my child would watch The Sound of Music, so put me down for ham!

  325. Sound of Music!

  326. My daughter loves the sound of Music so this prize would make her very happy! Thanks!

  327. You know, I was under the impression that it was the 40th anniversary, but I’m too lazy to go downstairs and check the DVD I just bought last week. So put me down for a ham, please!

  328. I’m not fussy–either of these would be GREAT!!

  329. Ham! Hamhamhamhamhamhamhamhamham. I do enjoy The Sound of Music, but pig products win over pretty much everything else.

  330. I’ll take it!

  331. I would love the ham. Thanks.

  332. Tough choice, but I’d have to say the ham!

  333. SOM, please. My son was just cast as one of the children in a production for February. He would love this.

  334. The ham please. Already have SOM on DVD – love it! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  335. the kiddos would love this!!

  336. I too have SOM DVD and soundtrack, so would love a ham to eat while watching the Von Trapp family flee Austria!

  337. Oink. Put me down for a ham.

  338. HAM!! 🙂

  339. Oh, a ham sounds just lovely! I remember before DVDs and VCRs when you got to stay up late to watch Sound of Music. And you tried to time bathroom breaks so you didn’t miss it. And if you fell asleep you were out of luck until next year. It’s such an instant gratification world – I wish kids could learn this kind of lesson. (sorry, stepping off soapbox) A ham, please!

  340. Oh, a ham sounds great, thank you.

  341. Mmm… ham.

  342. I’d love a coupon for a ham. Thanks!

  343. Best movie ever!

  344. Ham!!!

  345. Sound of Music!!!

  346. Ham, please!

  347. Hammy!

  348. I’ll have some ham, please.

  349. love the sound of music!i pick sound of music 🙂

  350. I won the last ham. Maybe I’ll win another! Oink, oink!

  351. I’ll try for the ham, please!

  352. I would love that fabulous DVD!!!

  353. The hills are alive with the sound of music….Yeah, I’ll take the Sound of Music bundle, please! Thanks!

  354. Sound of music or ham – such a HUGE decision – can I get in for both???

  355. The ham would be wonderful for our family!! I can imagine my kitchen full of the fragrance of ham baking and then ham and bean soup on one of these frigid days. Our high temp. today is a whopping 5 degrees F!

  356. Sound of Music would be wonderful!
    One of my favorite things!

  357. I’d like a ham please! We already own the Sound of Music, so it’s best to leave that prize for someone else!

  358. Sound of music oh purty purty please?

  359. I would love the Sound of Music. Thanks for the opportunity!
    You are SO pretty! 😀

  360. Did you say “pop-up book”?!! Color me hopeful.

  361. My mom is a HUGE Sound of Music fan, and this combo would be perfect for her. Once again, thanks for such a great contest.

  362. Oh this is a tuffy! But think i better go for the ham.
    Merry Christmas!

  363. Sound of Music! Before I saw the movie I heard the album (not dating myself too much) at my grandparents house. I LOVED it. Then I saw the movie. SIGH-I wish I was a VonTrapp-after Maria came of course.

  364. I love the Sound of Music!!

  365. sound of music

  366. I am 16 going on 37….Sound of Music!!!

  367. Sound of Music…..

  368. Some of my first memories are of watching this movie – Sound of Music please!

  369. Sound of Music. Always the Sound of Music. 🙂

  370. Sound of Music!!!

  371. Sound of Music would be awesome! Thanks!

  372. I would love the Sound of Music stuff for my 5 year old, we borrowed the movie from the library a while back…

  373. I love ham, but this time it loses out to Maria. I can torment my kids even more with my screechy version of The Sound of Music.

    Thanks, Mir!

  374. I would LOVE the Sound of Music bundle!! I have the soundtrack cd for this, but my children have never seen the movie. I remember getting to watch it at my grandma’s on a couple occasions when it ran on tv. (We didn’t have a tv in our home growing up and it was a BIG deal to watch it there.) Fun memories! 🙂

  375. Love love love the Sound of Music!!! We sing the songs and reminisce about Grandma and her love for the movie! Just the title of the movie brings a smile to my face!

  376. Wow, this is actually a really tough choice. My twin 4 yr old boys are starting to appreciate the music from Sound of Music (though they get it confused with the music from Mary Poppins) and I LOVE it. But on this one I will go with the ham. 🙂 Thanks, pretty Mir.

  377. Corny I know – “The Hills are alive with the smell of ham hock…..

  378. I’m vegetarian so I am guessing the ham coupon won’t work for me…

    I do so lurv me some Sound of Music so even if I did enjoy ham, I would enjoy the SOM more…

    Sound of Music it is for me.


  379. Sound of Music….. please!!

  380. I love The Sound of Music, but I love ham more. And free food is always a winner at my house!

  381. While either prize would be Fantastic, I think I’d chose Sound of Music.

  382. The hills are alive with the sounds of “Ham, please!”

  383. I’d love the ham coupon.

  384. Ham-la-la!!!! Ham, please.

  385. Mittens on kittens!!! Love the SOund of Music!

  386. Sound of Music is a “few of my favorite things”.

  387. oh a ham, a ham…oink oink

  388. Ham, Ham, and more Ham please!!! 🙂 Pick me!!!

  389. Have to go for the Sound of Music. My wife and I even went on a Sound of Music tour when in Austria to see all the places where the movie was filmed.

  390. Hmmm two of my favorite things. 😉 I guess if push comes to shove I would like the ham–money’s pretty tight right now.

  391. We’d love to win the ham! *crossing fingers*

  392. Sound of Music is my choice because the hills are alive … even after the pig’s been eaten. 🙂

  393. Sound of Music! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  394. less calories, Sound of Music

  395. I prefer Sound of Music.

  396. I’d like the ham….yum!!

  397. Sound of Music!

  398. I would pick the ham. We already have the sound of music. It’s one of our favorites.

  399. I love the Sound of music!!

  400. Sound of music would be lovely. Thanks!

  401. I’d love me some ham!

  402. Would love the ham. Mmm…ham….

  403. OHhhh…this is a hard one, I LOVE both. But since I already have the CD, I’m going to have to go with the ham.

  404. I’m in love with the Captain. True story.

    I’d love to see him in a pop-up book! 🙂

  405. sound of music
    3 daughters that would love it!

  406. Ham please!!

  407. Ham, please! My family would devour that…I don’t think I’ve EVER bought a ham. Too cheap. Good thing my sister isn’t and she brings one to all the family meals! 😉 Wouldn’t she be delighted if I returned the favor!

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