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By Mir
December 14, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I suspect nearly everyone owns Cranium by now, but if you don’t (or if you need a fairly all-purpose gift), it’s currently $10 at Amazon. We love this game. Loads of fun for everyone, and hard to turn down at that price.

In fact, I’m considering using them for teacher gifts. (But given my kids, maybe I should be considering big bottles of gin, instead….)


  1. They also have the Scrabble diamond edition for just 14.99 – the one with the fancy rotating board and recessed tiles so if you bump the board you don’t screw everything up. I think it’s normally $40, so another great deal for game lovers.

  2. You shouldn’t be allowed to be so funny this early in the morning ~ I nearly snorted tea all over my laptop (and then you’d have to find me a deal on a new one, not easy with a Mac). Anyway, my MIL is a teacher and I know this is a great teacher gift ~ she bought it for my boys one year. She’s always talking about how great games are in the classroom, especially for rainy days.

  3. You want vodka for the classroom, not gin. As my dear mother discovered in college, gin is really obvious when the bottle is open. Vodka has virtually no scent 🙂

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