Broccoli, celery, gotta be. . .

By Mir
December 15, 2009

… Veggie Tales!

My kids have declared themselves too old for Veggie Tales anymore. But I can totally make them sing the various Silly Songs with me, at least. (It’s impossible to resist.)

We have the very first version of the Veggie Tales nativity that was made, but I have to say that this Veggie Tales Nativity currently available at Family Christian is way better. For starters, it has more pieces than ours (and the cow costume makes me laugh). But it’s also just $9.99 with $.99 shipping right now, which is way less than I paid.

But wait, it gets even better—because right now you can use coupon code 1268653 for an additional 25% off. So you can get all that goofy veggie goodness (because really, who doesn’t want the baby Jesus represented by a small plastic carrot?) for under $9 shipped.


[Edited to add: Ooooooh, look! You can grab the Lord of the Beans DVD for a penny, too! Stocking stuffer!!]


  1. Whew! Saved the day for me Mir!
    I was looking for something for my niece… she loves VeggieTales and I love sales. Thanks!

  2. I love a cute little orange, healthy, baby Jesus! Thank you!!!

  3. You are such an enabler! Vegies Tales! My kids are too old (or so they say!) for Vegie Tales also. But we even get our 20 year old to sing along when we start singing about our lost hairbrush.

  4. just ordered it for my 2month old 2 and 3 year old… im so excited!!!

  5. Umm…yeah….I am shopping AGAIN! 4 sets for nieses and nephews. I couldn’t get the dvd for a penny, however.

  6. Hmm, the DVD shows up for a penny in the list, but then not on its sale page or when I put it in my cart.

  7. No movie for a penny. Still one heck of a deal!!!

  8. Price on Lord of the Beans changed while it was in my cart. Must have been a mistake and they figured it out.

  9. Yeah, that happened to me, too. Darn it. I was sooo excited.

  10. Doesn’t anyone think that having Jesus depicted by a carrot is sort of… weird? Now, I must admit that under our tree he’s in a teepee, watched over by a wise Indian chief and two wise dinosaurs…. ok. Carrot it is.

  11. I managed to order the DVD and get through shipping…. But then tonight they emailed saying my DVD was canceled. Oh well.

  12. I’m so excited! I love nativity sets! And this one is so cute!!!

  13. Bummer – showing up 19.99 now

  14. I missed it too – it’s 19.99 now. This would have been a great way to introduce veggie tales into our home!

  15. Missed the 9.99, but with the 25% off I got it anyway. My little one is only 7 months, so I didn’t rush it for Christmas. I want him to have a nativity set he can play with.

  16. I ordered two and just got an email back that they have canceled my order. 🙁

    “Reason: Seasonal item. No longer available on the web. ”

    I am bummed.

  17. They canceled my order too. Same reason. Really stinks!!!

  18. Shoot, mine canceled too, wonder if any of us got in on the deal.

  19. my order was also cancled… i am MAD! i think im going to sit down tonight and send an email…

  20. Canceled here too. I did send an email. If you do a search for store availability, they are in stock in all the stores around here (but the cloest store is 30 miles away….sigh).

    Be interesting to see if those of you who ordered when the price went back up to 19.99 get your orders…..

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