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By Mir
December 16, 2009

Still have a toy (or three) on your shopping list, and realizing that money is getting a little tight? Your job will take care of that. What? Oh, not that job… I meant that today (December 16th, 2009) you’re playing the part of an employee of the Discovery Store, didn’t you know? Yeah, just for one day.

Why? Oh, just because of an employee-pricing deal I happen to have here. Today only, use code EMPLOYEE50 to take half off any toy purchase. Anyone can use it, but it’s only good for today. (Tomorrow I guess you’ll have to get a different job.)


  1. Thank you, o pretty Mir! There was one more toy on my list to buy, and not only was it in stock, but now 50% off!

  2. THANK YOU MIR!!! They had the perfect gift for my son who turns 4 in January. Nice to have that gift taken care of, a new baby brother arrives next week and I didn’t want to mess with birthday shopping with a newborn!

  3. I put a science set from the toy section and kids dvd in there and the code wouldn’t work. I guess I’ll look for other things.

  4. I think the code only works on items not already marked down. I put one regular priced thing in my cart and one thing that was 25% off and only the regular priced item got the benefit of the code. Now I have to make decisions…

  5. I just used the code on the Discovery Joebot (Robot) normally $99 got it for $49.99! That is a sweet deal…just crossed my Godson off my list YIPPEE

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