Even more down

By Mir
December 17, 2009

If yesterday’s 12 Days of Christmas Deal at Eddie Bauer of down jackets didn’t do it for you—possibly because you live on the Arctic Tundra—you’ll be pleased to know that today they have down parkas $100 off. Code BH&G09DEC is still working for 15% off and free shipping, too.

(Look, I know there are only so many coats that a person needs. But occasionally I have to take a break from the Holiday Lightning Deals and look at something else. I think.)


  1. I actually bought the long coat yesterday, though it wasn’t the screaming deal. Now I’m waiting to hear back from Eddie as to whether or not they will give me a refund. hmmm

  2. Okay, this isn’t in regards to this particular deal, but someone mentioned recently that they can’t quit you. No offense, pretty Mir, but IT’S TIME! Walking away slowly… (No complaints, mind you, seeing as how I completed the dreading shopping at home in my jammies.)

  3. Yippeee! Thank you very much. I will soon have a new coat.

  4. Oh, lovely Mir – if’n you find a car coat, I would like to know about that. It would be a jacket that is attached to a seat (kind of like a baby bunting) that I can slip into only when driving and leave behind to go in the overheated stores. One that will not bunch up under my larger than it should be backside, and won’t ever get trapped/caught in the door. AND, most of all – so my boys never hear a naughty word uttered over the dilemma of winter coat wearing while driving… 😉 I just found a nice wool pea coat – but it drives me nutso to drive in it!

    I will look at this selection too – I especially love the Wool Hacking jacket ~ for the name alone, and it would be good for when I tend to my horses (ha!) and that when one turns around in it – my hair color will turn from brunette to blonde! Such a deal! 😀

    I am a bit wacky this afternoon – I really thought I had another week before Christmas, I mean I knew I didn’t but still I thought I did. Yep, can’t figure that out either!

    Thanks so much for your site!! Have a very Merry!

  5. Thank you thank you. The coat is on its way to me as a gift from someone else. Plus with your discount code I threw in a hat.

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