I see no pottery

By Mir
December 17, 2009

Do you suppose there was ever a time when Pottery Barn just sold, you know, pottery? And then one day they woke up and went, “Huh. You know, there’s only so many decorate bowls a person needs. Maybe we should expand.”?

Okay, just me, then. Nevermind.

Today (December 17th, 2009) only, Pottery Barn Kids is offering free shipping on every order (excluding furniture), automatically. There’s some cute stuff in the sale and clearance, which is where I have to look to avoid having a coronary on that particular site.

(Thanks, Kim!)


  1. ok, i was LITERALLY just looking at stuff over at pottery barn. and i thought, “hmm. wonder if mir has any coupons?” i know this isn’t a coupon. i do. but i just thought i’d share. ok. perhaps i need more sleep and less sugar. the end.

  2. Just checked it out and had to laugh because I saw a pink polka dot chair for like $17, and I was – oh that’s a great deal, its never that cheap… and then I realized the chair was for a doll. Not a nice full-sized kid. Nevermind! Going back to drinking more caffeine over here.

  3. The Sprig trucks and people are on sale, I just think the people are really cute!

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