One! More! Week!

By Mir
December 18, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Remember those old commercials on TV, where an ominous voice would say, “It’s 10:35 p.m. Do you know where your children are?” Well, friends, there’s just one week left until Christmas… do you know where you put everything? Exactly.

Rather than wrap all of the stuff crammed onto the shelves of my closet, I think I’ll continue living in denial and check out the Amazon Friday Sale.

Okay, you know I’m a fool for the OXO Candela lights (I’ve linked them here before), but I’ve never seen this rocket-shaped one before, and it’s darling. At $15 that’s an easy shower gift.

I don’t know who (if anyone) drops $500 on an artificial tree a week before Christmas, but this realistic 9-foot tree is something to behold. I sort of love it. And wish I had a house big enough for it. (Or maybe I just wish I had children less likely to run straight into it….)

If you use K-cups for your coffee, there’s a bunch of Timothy’s choices available, like this Midnight Magic pack of 50 that comes out to just under $16 shipped with Subscribe & Save. There’s a bunch of T-disc options, too. (Side note: If I drink coffee at midnight, it’s not magical. I guess a focus group shot down “Midnight Mania” as a name.)

Today’s Gold Box Deal is The Bourne Trilogy on Blu-ray, just in case you’ve got a need for nine or so hours of an adrenaline rush with a side of Matt Damon. (And once Christmas is over, you never know… you might!)

So that was… well, that was slightly lame, but probably only because the copious amounts of Holiday Lightning Deals continue apace. I see lots of jewelry and music coming up later today, but also some toy deals and a few other items that may be worth checking out….

Oh, here’s one more Amazon deal: If you need another wiimote for your Wii, you might want to pick up Wii Play rather than just the wiimote; at $40 you’re basically getting the game for free.

Among the daily deals at today is the return of the $25 J-41s! I got a pair last time, and I love them. Super comfy and people always ask me where I got them.

There’s a cool little wine chiller available in the Target Daily Deals for $22, should you need such a thing for someone who has everything. (Of course, if they have everything, maybe they already have one.)

There’s a pair of diamond studs available as the Overstock Deal of the Day that has guaranteed Christmas delivery, so if you’re frantic and in big trouble, gentlemen, that might be handy to note.

Alright, I’m off to hook myself up to a coffee IV, deliver teacher gifts, help out with class parties, and drop the last of the packages off to be shipped. Try to stay out of trouble while I’m gone.


  1. You are up awfully early Missy!

  2. Urg. There’s one bracelet that I have no idea where I hid it. It’ll probably turn up in 10 years or so.

  3. Thank you (and YOU for posting that). My favorite pair I snagged last year was recently destroyed by nonobaddog. Time to replace!!

  4. OH, I would love to drop the bucks on a tree right now because I’ve literally been saving for a new artificial tree since JUNE! However, I didn’t save up nearly that much and all of the ones that I’ve seen in stores look like they’re made out of pipe cleaners, so we’re going to HAVE to get one that’s more expensive. I’ll just continue saving until NEXT year!

  5. Thanks Mir – you save me a bundle…and you are so pretty!

  6. My husband proudly told me “Yes! I know where everything is!” I smiled and patted him on the back and in the spirit of Christmas refrained from mentioning that the only gifts he has to keep track of are for ME. I keep track of every other gift for everyone else on both sides of the family.

  7. aaarg, so many cute shoes!

  8. There were some gifts intended for Christmas last year that didn’t get found until my daughter’s birthday- in August. Trying not to lose anything this year.

  9. I think I know where everything is located. This year I actually made a file on the computer for all of the presents, people and locations. But Mir, I still need a gift for my SIL!

    Bonus: I forgot it was Friday! YAY!

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