Games, games, games!

By Mir
December 20, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Insert your standard preface here about these being good gift closet fodder, even if you’re done shopping. My gift closet runneth over, and yet, at these prices? I can afford to keep stocking up. (Besides, I am squeezing every last penny out of my free Prime membership before it expires….)

Clue for $5
Clue Secrets and Spies for $4
Monopoly for $5
Monopoly City Edition for $9
The Beatles Trivial Pursuit for $10
Sorry for $5
Blurt for $10
Scrabble for $6
Yahtzee for $5
SET for $6
Five Crowns for $5
Apples to Apples Junior for $8
Twister for $5
Guess Who? Extra for $10
Wild Planet Hyper Dash for $8
Twilight New Moon the Board Game for $4
Twilight Board Game for $6
Game of Life for $8
HiHo Cherry-O for $5
Super Why Preschool ABC Game for $5
Phase 10 Touch Screen Game for $4
Sleeping Queens for $4
Payday for $5
Flinch for $5


  1. Mir, you are the BEST!! Games are perfect gift closet fodder, and I just stocked up like WHOA!

    Thanks so much for all you do! Hope you and yours have a fabulous holiday!

  2. Yay, Mir! You’re exceptionally beautiful today!!

  3. Aaghh, I have to STOP shopping! 🙂

  4. Can’t stop buying things from Amazon! Going to need an intervention soon. I guess when my Prime trial runs out I will slow down. Maybe. Am anxiously awaiting the price to come up on the Melissa and Doug fruit to go with the other food I just bought my niece for Christmas!

  5. I feel a little bit guilty for squeezing so much out of Amazon…but they’ve squeezed so much out of me over the years…

  6. Mir, you are just so darn pretty!

  7. A million thank yous Mir! Shopping done and a little for the gift closet…oh, and something for ME:)

  8. Yes, exceptionally beautiful today is a true statement.

  9. Mir – you are awesome!!! I’m stocking up on lots of these!! 🙂

  10. I wonder how much this free trial of Amazon prime is costing Amazon…I’ve taken full useage out of my trial and sometimes I feel a little bad, but not too much!! LOL

  11. Thanks so much, pretty lady. Totally stocked my gift closet!

  12. Thanks. My present closet has officially started!

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