Wooden wonderland

By Mir
December 20, 2009

Okay, so you’re not in the mood for board games? No problem. If you’ve got an anklebiter or two in need of educational, engaging, wooden playthings, look no further than Melissa & Doug. And yes, a bunch of their toys are marked down at Amazon right now. Of course.

Mix ‘n Match Peg Puzzle Bundle for $10
Chunky Wooden Farm Puzzle for $4
Large Knob Farm Puzzle for $8
Large Shapes Jumbo Puzzle for $8
African Plains 24-Piece Puzzle for $5
Solar System 48-Piece Floor Puzzle for $5
Farm Cube Puzzle for $6
Lace and Trace Farm for $5
Lace and Trace Shapes for $5
Travel Hangman for $5
Travel Memory for $5
Magnetic Dress-Up Joey for $5
Birthday Party Cake for $10
Cutting Food Box for $10
Lacing Beads in a Box for $8
Primary Lacing Beads for $5
Prehistoric Sunset Dinosaurs Puzzle for $8
Rainbow Stacker for $5
Deluxe Zoo in a Box Jigsaw Puzzles for $7


  1. Aw, man! I bought my nephews a play kitchen for Christmas along with the cut up food and birthday cake from Melissa and Doug. I got it on sale for $15 at AC Moore so this is a great price! If they weren’t already wrapped and we didn’t have a foot of snow outside, my cheapness might win out and I’d have to take the others back. One of those boys has a birthday coming up though…

  2. I own a daycare and what good deals. I just stocked up!!!!

  3. Dear God in heaven, I just FILLED my gift closet. Hubs made me promise to cut down on the thrifting, though…

  4. Pretty Mir, Thanks so much for posting this. I realized I forgot a kid or two so I was able to get them some cute things. Paired up with Prime and I got such an awesome deal! Merry Christmas 🙂

  5. Awesome, thanks Mir! Just got a start on next year!

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