Perfect last-minute way to keep ’em busy

By Mir
December 21, 2009

Need just one more gift, or have a long trip over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house where you have to keep the kids happy? Check out this Big Count Box of Wikki Stix for $13 (Prime eligible). It’s got 468 Wikki Stix ready to be shaped and pressed into whatever they can imagine.

I’ll be honest; I find them a little bit freaky (they’re wax-covered yarn, and so a little bit gooey and sticky, though they don’t leave residue), but even my middle schooler can’t resist playing with them, given the chance.

And if all else fails, I’m pretty sure you could put a bunch of them together and make a serviceable gag. (Oh, did I say that last part out loud…?)

[Edited to add: Want more Wikki Stix? Also check out the Birthday Party Kit for $6 and the Bible Fun Kit for $5! Or, if you’re really an advance planner, check out the Trick or Treat Pack for $10.]


  1. I really want the T or T pack but I would totally forget that I had them, I just know it.

  2. When Amigo was young, he’d use Wikki Stix to learn shapes and other things he couldn’t see. They can be a great educational tool for a blind child. Now that he’s a teen, he’s more about surfing the Internet with his screen-reader software. Sometimes, I’d rather go back to the Wikki Stix!

  3. I just bought the big box a few days ago – I thought I had gotten a great deal at $18. Amazon drives me crazy with these up and down prices (although I do like the good deals :)).

  4. I’d steer clear of these if you have a furry pet! I went to my friend’s house and the Bendaroos that inevitably ended up on the floor were gross fursticks.

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