You were very good this year

By Mir
December 23, 2009

Let’s face it; you’re probably all done shopping, now. I mean, hopefully you are. I wouldn’t wish a big box store on my worst enemy, today or tomorrow. You took care of everyone else, because that’s the awesome sort of person you are.

Now, if you need a little something for yourself, now’s a great time to sneak over to Coldwater Creek; you won’t get it in time for Christmas, of course, but you have a few days to shop there and take 50% off your purchase with coupon code AFL9489. It works in the Outlet, too.

If you need to wait until after the holiday, that’s fine—code is valid under December 28th, 2009. (Just in case Santa sticks a little mad money in your stocking.)


  1. Uncle, uncle, uncle! I’ve noticed that lately there are deals at mystery stores. And I haven’t cared much because sometimes I could figure it out and other time I was too busy to check it out. But now you’re dangling 50% off clothes for me and I wanna know. Once or twice is an understandable error for such a pretty person getting us such great deals. But this is starting to look on purpose. So I’m asking what’s up here, and more importantly, where’s the deal? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the code, Mir.

    I’ve been watching the jeans over there – and went to snag a pair. But, my most favorite jeans are gone from the website. I wonder if they took them down to not be part of the sale?

  3. Had a gift card I’ve been hanging on to for a couple of years. What a great time to use it! Thank you bunches!

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