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By Mir
December 30, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I have to go tend to some Very Important Things today, by which I of course mean that I am going to step foot in a store (in the name of good clearance) for the first time since well before Thanksgiving. Please pray for me.

While I’m gone, here’s some daily deals for you:

The $7 Polliwalks are back at, not to mention that their “36 Days of Joy” deal is an adorable women’s blazer I may have to have. There’s plenty of other deals to be had there, too, of course.

The Target Daily Deals include a shoe shine kit for $10, which is the sort of thing I always wonder why we don’t have, but I never think to buy. Huh.

I always see fruit scoops at the store and think they’re adorable and then I never buy them because they seem overpriced. Well, today at Graveyard Mall you can get a set of three for $1.99 shipped—they’re offering free shipping on the fruit scoops only, so I’m guessing they have an entire warehouse of them. Whatever; it’s three fun kitchen gadgets (dare I mention, these would be good stocking stuffers for next year…?) for under $2.

And last but certainly not least, Amazon’s Gold Box Deal today is a Duracell power inverter/air compressor combo for half off. Of course the Lightning Deals in Toys are still going strong, so there’s a few things to watch over there, too.

That should keep you busy for a little while, right? Enjoy!


  1. Oh dear. I finally caved and bought the Polliwalks! I can’t wait to get them…especially that flashing Firefly one for my son!

  2. Graveyard Mall always sucks me in: I go for one deal and end up buying several items. Resist…resist…

  3. darn, that blazer is cute.

  4. We love the large fruit scoop – it’s perfect for cleaning pumpkins out and thinning the sides for carving!! Thanks for sharing this deal, now we have two more to throw into rotation. :). I’m anxious to see how the smaller ones function!

  5. I did it. Five sets of the fruit scoops. 1 for me, 2 for Christmas and 2 for other occasions.

  6. My kids LOVED the Polliwalk slippers Santa brought, so the Easter Bunny may have to follow suit with flashing sandals for spring. And a sassy blazer for mommy. Man, I love 6pm! Thanks, Mir!

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