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By Mir
January 2, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Sorry for the delay this morning; first I slept late, then I worked out, then I had to sit very still and recover from working out. This whole “less sloth in 2010” thing involves a lot more pain than I’d anticipated….

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day here, today, and if it is where you are, too, I suggest a long walk. But if the weather outside is frightful and you need a little retail therapy, we can do that, too.

The Amazon Gold Box holds the entire series of Northern Exposure for $75, today. How’s that for a blast from the past?

It’s the last few days of the Macy’s New Year’s Sale, so get on it there for deals on just about everything if you’re interested. (I almost typoed that to “interesting,” which would’ve been funny. Shop Macy’s if you’re interesting!)

The end-of-year blowout sale at Sierra Trading Post means savings of up to 90% off, plus you have a few more days to use coupon code ALDECEMBER9 for 20% off your $100+ order.

The Target Daily Deals include scrapbooking accessories, a camera, a frying pan, a mouse, and more. I think it was Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with a rotary wheel, by the way. has $15 Pro Keds this weekend, as well as a slew of other deals—why hello there, 70% off Clarks shoes. How you doin’?

I’m off to do some Saturday-type things, assuming that I’m able to get out of this chair again. Ahem.


  1. Oh, Northern Exposure! I loved that show – in first run and in reruns.

  2. I was all for the walk outside until I realized the temperature out there is a balmy 20 degrees. Brrrr!

    Back to exercise by Wii Fit…

  3. Bad, bad, six pm dot com!! Bad!!! I must quit you.

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