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By Mir
January 5, 2010

So last month I was all about “because you’ve been good this year, too,” and I feel sort of sad that now it’s January and I can no longer use that as an excuse. However, I am nothing if not resourceful—check this out:

You know, I bet you’re going to be really good this year, too!

See? It’s true, right?

So why not cruise on over to Coldwater Creek and find yourself something pretty? You can use coupon code 75SALE to take a whopping 75% off even Outlet prices, and let’s face it; everyone is good enough for that.


  1. Mir, is the 75% off of the regular item price or the sale price (in red)?

  2. I got it. It’s 75% off the sale price. Woo!

  3. Bummer. Not a thing I like in my size.

  4. Gah! I just placed an order last night at 60% off. Trying for a price adjustment.

  5. Pretty things, but too many to hand wash. I don’t have time for that!

  6. Great deal on the surface, but they seem to have removed almost all their outlet merchandise off the site as well as half their regular-priced stuff! And is it just me or have they actually raised the regular price of some items, making the 75% off deal not as great as it should be? I usually love CWC but since I live in Canada, once I add on shipping and duty, it’s just not worth it. 🙁

  7. Found a nice blouse, thanks Caty!

  8. I bought six shirts last night at 60% off. When I saw your post this morning, I contact customer service. They’re adjusting my bill $20! woo hoo

  9. I like “January is such a cold, grim month after all the holidays are over—-maybe a little pick-me-up would help.”

  10. I just got an 80 dollar silk blouse for 16. Yay! Thanks for posting this.

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