Big savings + free shipping = BFF

By Mir
January 6, 2010

The big Winter Sale at Eddie Bauer is still going strong, and today and tomorrow you can save even more when you combine the savings with coupon code WINTER for free shipping on your entire order. They still tack on that $3 handling fee, but at this point I mostly view that as a minor annoyance, like gnats or Congress.

And no, posting this has nothing to do with the fact that it’s currently 20 degrees outside here in Georgia. You know, the place I moved to in order to escape the cold? Hmph.


  1. Thanks! They have some nice deals on menswear and home items.

  2. Just came across a pretty good deal at 77 Kids (American Eagle affiliate). Most of their winter stuff is marked down to $7.77. I usually don’t even look there because I can’t afford it, but this puts it in my “old navy” budget 🙂

    I found quite a bit of stuff and there still seems to be a variety of sizes.

  3. Does the big sale include clearance? Because I KNOW I used to be able to afford EB…but sheesh…Thanks


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