By Mir
January 6, 2010
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Have you bought your copy of the movie Up yet? If not, you’re in luck—right now Amazon is offering the 4-disc combo pack (that includes both Blu-ray and regular DVD formats, with all the bonus features and such) for just $18!

I just wanted to point it out to you, because I love you very much. (If you haven’t seen the movie before, I’m not being creepy, I swear. Just imitating my favorite character.)


  1. I love Doug too!!!!

  2. FOUR discs? I will have to continue my boycott of bloated DVD packages until somebody gets the message: we just need ONE copy of the MOVIE ONLY, thank you very much.

  3. Squirrel!

  4. We got this several weeks ago (and thanks to coupons/rebate offers it will only cost us $1) and gave the blu ray to a friend from church. He bought a couple of dvd combo packs a few weeks later, and gave us the dvd. Maybe if you don’t need the blu ray, you could find a family to swap with?

  5. Squirrel!

  6. I loved when the old man wanted Russell to play “who can be quiet the longest”. Since my kid loudly and delightedly piped up in the theater “Hey, WE play that!”

  7. Squirrel!

  8. The oldest of my 4 boys is now 14 years old and is developing new teenage interests, so if the other boys and my husband happen to see a young woman, they shout “GIRL!!!” and Sean whips his head around a la Dug from Up, and everyone has a good laugh! In case you can’t tell we all loved the movie Up, as we love all Pixar movies.

    Regarding the multiple discs, I love the variety, because we can watch the blu ray on the big TV at home, and I keep the DVD in the van for the kids to watch on the road.

  9. Oh, I almost forgot…


  10. My kids don’t call it up, they call it “Squirrel.” It is such a cute movie!

  11. I got this with Monster’s Inc. for $28; they seem to be running a big deal on their entire Blu-Ray collection. If you pair up Monster’s and Up, you got $10 knocked off your order. I don’t own a blu-ray player, but the ability to have those two movies on my computer is so worth having a disk I probably won’t need for another few years! 🙂

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