Frozen Friday

By Mir
January 8, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Well, it’s Friday, and there’s snow on the ground here in Georgia, which surely means the Apocalypse is upon us. Better shop the Amazon Friday Sale now, before the world ends.

My daughter is a bit too old for a princess duvet cover, now, which is a shame because it’s adorable (not to mention cheap).

There’s almost an entire page of cookware sets on sale in “Home and Garden”—from Earth Pan, Circulon, Rachael Ray, KitchenAid and Farberware—and then there’s even more in “Kitchen and Dining”, too. Moral: It’s a good day to buy some pots and pans.

My kids are smoothie freaks, and I’ve been hunting high and low for a protein powder I could slip into the blender for some added nutrition, but quickly discovered that most of them use artificial sweeteners. Uh, no thanks. Today Amazon has Designer Whey Vanilla Protein Powder on sale ($17 for two pounds), though, and it uses stevia instead of aspartame. I may give it a try.

Today’s Gold Box Deal looks like a medieval torture device, but I think it’s a fitness thing. Heh.

There’s still over 500 MP3 albums for just $5 available for download, so that’s a great way to beef up your listening pleasure on the cheap.

In the meantime, over at the Target Daily Deals you can get an iPod alarm clock charger dock with speakers (try saying that five times fast) for about 70% off, or set up a closed circuit TV at your house on the cheap, or get a handle on your dog. (Don’t forget to click through this here link after you shop if your total comes to $50+, as it’ll give you an additional $5 off.) is featuring both men’s and women’s “$50 and under” sections, today, and there’s some really cute, really cheap stuff. The women’s clothing starts at under $6! Need scrubs? They have tons on sale. Plus I spy with my little eye… Crocs and Keds for under $10. Just sayin’.

Enjoy your Friday, and for goodness sake, stay off those icy roads—stay home with your milk and bread for some quality time, people.

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  1. OMG!!! Huey Lewis and the News!!! Download that baby on my iphone and as soon as I can start exercising on this post surgical foot, it’s me, Huey and my treadmill!

    (Man, am I old?)

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