Just don’t call it cute

By Mir
January 11, 2010

I’m learning that I’m no longer allowed to call my daughter’s clothing “cute.” It can be “nice” or “pretty” or even (if she’s not mad at me, which would be on alternate Sundays when the moon is full) “cool,” but never cute. Mom. Obviously.

So I will reserve comment on the freshly-restocked sale section over at Justice, where said daughter would stock her entire wardrobe if left to her own devices. If you spot something your favorite young lady might just have to have, use coupon code 818 to take 40% off your purchase!

But whatever you do, don’t say their stuff is cute.

(They carry Zhu Zhu Pets, of all things, too… just a little note in case you’re still searching for those.)


  1. My daughter got a gift card for Christmas for Justice. I saw the sale on-line & foolishly thought it would be at the store also. My daughter bought a shirt and was not happy when I told her that same shirt online was much, much cheaper. We tried to return the shirt and get a gift card re-issued. No luck mdse. credit ONLY.

    BEWARE: I Went and checked the website again…the regular prices are sometimes as much as ten dollars cheaper online than in the store (the Justice perfume and knock-off Uggs, for example) – and now after numerous phone calls and complaints I had to purchase the items online to get the cheaper prices and 40% off and then I have mail in my mdse. credit.

    Not a great shopping experience…

  2. Good to know! Thanks!

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