Ooh la fancy

By Mir
January 12, 2010

Working at home has its perks, like rarely having to get out of my pajamas. But then sometimes I see something like today’s specials at 6pm.com and I wish—for just a moment—that I worked in a fancy office so that I could justify picking up a bunch of the BCBG apparel that’s 70% off this week.

But then I remember that I work at home. In my pajamas. And I pass the deal on to you.

(And maybe I buy one thing and inform my husband he needs to take me out to dinner, too. I think that’s fair.)


  1. What kind of “fancy” office would that be? Some of those heels are only for one kind of working girl. (But also appropriate for dinner out with your husband- just not the office).

  2. $32 for half a dress is no bargain! 🙂 It’d take $64 worth of material to make me decent. 😉

    Some of those things are OK…but just not me.

    Thanks for posting about the sale. I always check your site for 6pm sales on Converse. My daughter loves them!

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