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By Mir
January 16, 2010
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Hello! I just made a little snack for myself and the kids, and I can’t help wishing I had a Magical Snack Fairy to wait on us, instead. Or—heck—just a conveniently located Dunkin Donuts, because in addition to yummy coffees and drinks (and donuts), they now have a bunch of new healthier menu options. You can get any of their egg sandwiches and wraps with egg whites, for example, or get the low-fat cranberry orange muffin for deliciousness and just 3 grams of fat.

I was contacted about trying these new menu options, but given that 1) I can’t eat wheat and 2) I don’t have a Dunkin Donuts right nearby, I am passing my gift card on to you. Actually, my gift card… and three others. Four lucky Want Not readers are going to receive a $5 Dunkin Donuts gift card to try the new lower-cal menu options (or anything else you like). Not sure if you have a local DDs? Go look it up to see!

Want to play? First go read the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, January 18th, 2010 to be entered. Winners to be determined by random drawing and donut-scented-ness. (Mmmmm… donuts….)

Ready? Go!


  1. Sweet Mir,
    I have one dangerously close to my home. Please pick me! 🙂

  2. Oh pretty please!!! I’m in love with a skim no sugar added carmel iced latte. They are so good….
    I’m just saying thats what I would get with my $5. hehe

  3. I would love to try that new muffin!

  4. YUM YUM who doesn’t love DD and their Coffee!

  5. Yumm!

  6. YUM! It makes my day to get some of their coffee and a bagel for breakfast!

  7. We actually have two very close to home! They have great coffee too!

  8. love me some DD in the morning!

  9. I have 3 DDs within a mile and half of my house! I would love to try their “diet” food. Boston Cream donuts are diet, right?

  10. Love it! Thanks!

  11. I LOVE their coffee and try to ignore the donuts…sometimes that works, sometimes not! :>)

  12. cool thanks!

  13. I have one DD close by here in the Memphis area.

  14. Oooo, fun!! None close to home, but I know we see them on all our summer travels! This would be a nice treat! Thanks, sweet Mir!

  15. I’m currently in love with my new Keurig, but I love to meet fellow moms for coffee at our local DD.
    Thanks for the shot! 🙂

  16. Perfect

  17. Who doesn’t love donuts?

  18. Yummy!

  19. I’m a little ashamed to say that we stop at DD every Sunday before church. It helps us get out of the house faster! But with something healthy, I might feel better about it. 🙂 Thanks Mir!

  20. I love DD!! And one is within walking distance from my house. Oh, please pick me!!

  21. Yes please.

  22. Coffee would be a nice treat on the way to work one of these cold mornings!

  23. Coffee & doughnuts! Yum!

  24. There’s 3 between home and work. Love the lattes. Would love to try the new muffin…

  25. Dunkin Donuts is the ONLY coffe I drink. I even buy it in the store to have at home!! Yummy!

  26. Would love to try something new!

  27. I have one within walking distance! Talk about bad news!! 🙂

  28. I must say that Dunkin Donuts is the ONLY redeeming quality of Macon, GA-where my sister lives. We have one here in Greenville, SC too. But I usually only go whenst in Macon.

  29. I love DD!

  30. Since I live in the land of a DD on every corner, I would love this. But it’s OK if I don’t, since I recharge my card automatically.

    PS The Low Fat Cranberry Orange muffins are delish, but dry. And the egg white and cheese wrap is pretty tasty.

  31. They’re on every street corner here.

  32. OH HELLO PLS ENTER ME. And no one is going to be looking if I spend my gift card on Classic Unhealthy, right? Because I do love a Boston Creme doughnut.

  33. The only thing better than donuts is FREE donuts!

  34. Healthy options? Mmmm…nah, donuts.

  35. Do I have one nearby? There are 6 within 5 blocks of here… Welcome to Massachusetts!

  36. We have a fairly new DD that is DANGEROUSLY close to our home…

  37. Excellent, sounds yummy!

  38. Comfort food with hot cocoa. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

  39. Love Dunkin Donuts!

  40. Daddy-Daughter Saturdays occasionally involve Dunkin Donuts for my family. They’d love to try the new menu selections with a gift card! And there are DDs all over the place here! Thanks for the Giveaway opportunity!

  41. I really, really, really like DD!

  42. Their egg white wraps are especially delicious and I feel so virtuous after eating them that I reward myself with a Boston Creme donut.


  43. i never go because i am trying to be good, but i have to say i absolutely love dd…. and we have WAY too many around here. =)

  44. Love DD’s!! I want to try the new cranberry muffin!

  45. My kids love these doughnuts

  46. WANT DONUTS! I’d love it if I could find some better, healthier options there!

  47. me please. coffee good!

  48. Love the Boston Cream donuts, but should probably try the new lowfat muffins, as I am trying to keep up with y’all at Five Full Plates.

  49. I would love to try out the Dunkin Donuts for you. It’s a tough job, but someones gotta do it.

  50. As Homer Simpson says “Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?” Yum!

  51. I just discovered hot chocolate made by SOMEONE ELSE! I’m hooked.

  52. Oooh, we live one block from one! Decaf, yum!

  53. Sounds good!

  54. This would be FABULOUS! Thank you!

  55. considering I took my kids for a hike this morning and then hit the donut shop, I could use some healthier options…

  56. love me some dunkin’.

  57. We love trying new things. Thanks!!!

  58. Yum…donuts!

  59. Sounds like a yum fest!

  60. mmm, donuts

  61. Forget low-fat – I want all the calories. Thank you.

  62. Nothing compares to some good, old D’n D!! LOVE THEM!

  63. I could use a DD card! and fewer calories! thanks!

  64. Thanks, Mir! I wish you could eat wheat again! (BTW, are you noticing a difference staying away from it?) DD just opened a new location near here. Not next door, but a short highway ride away.

  65. They are plentiful in Chicagoland! So plentiful, one’s about to open 2 blocks from my house. Vanilla long john… droool….

  66. Yum!

  67. For the first time in my life, I have a DD right down the street. Is that good or bad? Not sure yet.

  68. Lowfat donuts??? Hmm…I think I’ll just take a devils food please

  69. I’d love to try a new menu item and a trusty coffee!

  70. yes, please!

  71. Sugar… sugar…

    Er, I mean, healthy options! Hooray!

  72. Mmmm, donuts….

  73. mmmmmm….love DD coffee!

  74. Yummy, yummy donuts!

  75. Oh we LOVE DD, that would be a fun winter treat!

  76. We are definitely very familiar with our local DD…no need to look it up if we win! 🙂

  77. local and low-cal? Niiiice.

  78. Forget the donuts, I love their bagels! Choose me!

  79. I LOVE DD! I have finally gotten my stops to once a week but before I was going 3-4 times a week!

  80. Yum! Thanks!

  81. sounds fun!

  82. mmmm donuts

  83. thank you!

  84. Dunkin Donuts pretty please 🙂

  85. I promise to share the wealth with my kids….pinky swear!

  86. Love the DD! My SIL always gives me a bag of their coffee for my b-day & Christmas, so yum!

  87. Boston cream donuts and iced mocha lattes are calling my name…

    Pick me!!

  88. I’m not gonna lie. I’d blow the whole card on donuts that I would eat in the car on the way home so I wouldn’t have to share them with the husband or the child. If loving donuts is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  89. YUMMY Dunkin’ Donuts – love their muffins!

  90. would love some free food!

  91. My husband would be so pleased with me. Pretty please?

  92. I love the hot chocolate from DD, and there’s one just a few blocks from my office! Pick me!

  93. My car can’t drive past one without stopping in.

  94. I just discovered their coffee. So much better – and CHEAPER – than Starbucks! I would not let a giftcard go to waste…

  95. thanks for passing on your gift cards !

  96. yum

  97. Love me some dunkin doughnuts…

  98. Oooh! I would love to win a DD gift card! Pick me!

  99. We LOVE DD! Thanks Mir!

  100. Oh, man. I have 2 within walking distance and another one on the corner of my best friends house. Bad.

  101. LOVE DD!!!!!

  102. Yes, please!

  103. I love Dunkin Donuts!

  104. Oh, how I miss DD. Where I lived in New Hampshire there were five or six within a nearby distance. Now, I am hundreds of miles away from one. 🙁 If I win I will give it to my brother and tell him to have one for me.

  105. Yummy!!!

  106. Oh for the love of YUM!

  107. I can’t imagine living somewhere that didn’t have DD

  108. Too many around me to count.

  109. I love their muffins. Such a treat!

  110. I’d love to try the new egg white wraps!

  111. please, please pick me.

  112. Oink!

  113. I am a DD junkie! Oh pick me Random Generator!

  114. We have FOUR DDs within 5 miles from my house – two towns, one zip code, 4 DDs!!! We’d love to win!

  115. sounds healthy!!!

  116. Hooray donuts!

  117. ooo, their french crullers are sooo good!

  118. Mmmm….dangerous.

  119. I’d love one!

  120. This preggo chick can use a few boston creams!

  121. Entering on behalf of my college roommate who is a FREAK for DD! 🙂

  122. Love Dunkin Donuts! Small decaf iced coffee with cream and sugar please! Both my 5 and 2 year old could order that for me!

  123. Oh, this is my significant other’s favorite! He would love this!

  124. I’d love to try something off of their healthier choices menu. Pick me!

  125. YUMMY!!!

  126. I’d totally use it on doughnuts. Which I insist on spelling as if I was born in the 19th century. Fry mine in whale blubber, please.

  127. Love their coffee!

  128. I have two DD near me!!!

  129. french vanilla yumm

  130. YUMMY….pick me!!

  131. My favorite flavor muffin is cranberry orange at DD. Low fat is great news!

  132. Ohhh Yummy. Pick me!

  133. I could go for a muffin right now!

  134. DD coffee addict here! Pick me!!

  135. DD rocks!

  136. Yum-o…could use one of those right about now!
    Thanks for the chance!

  137. Oooh! I live in Boston – which is the capital of Dunkin Donuts. No, seriously – I saw a poll recently which said that MA and RI have the highest population of donut shops in the nation, and in Boston there is one literally every couple of blocks or so.

  138. Do you have to use the gc on the low-cal stuff? I’d make use of it no matter what. 🙂

  139. Yum. They are one of the only places that will easily make me an iced decaf!

  140. Pick me, please!

  141. There’s a DD right next to my work!

  142. Always yummy!

  143. I have FOUR DD’s near my house! Love them.

  144. good stuff!

  145. We just got a new (third) DD nearby, but this one has…a drive thru. Mmmmmmm.

  146. me please!!!

  147. yes please 🙂

  148. I’ve never been to a Dunkin’ Donuts before.

  149. I may try the healthy stuff…or perhaps not 🙂

  150. YUMMY!!

  151. mmm, I love their coffee!

  152. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

  153. They just opened up a DD around the corner from my house – Love their coffee!

  154. Yummy Dunkin Donuts!

  155. OMG, I love DDs!!

  156. Thanks Mir!

  157. Donuts are my weakness!

  158. I love DD’s donuts & their cappuccino. Yum!

  159. mmm

  160. I could sure use some DD coffee about now. Thanks, Mir

  161. sign me up

  162. Mmmmmm. Those egg white flatbreads are mighty tasty. Yum.

  163. Oh, oh, oh, please pick me!! Every other Sunday when I teach the 6th and 7th grade girls at my church I pick up a box of Munchkins. It would be great to have them paid for one week.

  164. I LOVE DD! 🙂

  165. Mmmmmmm…DONUTS!

  166. love their coffee and there’s a drive-thru DD right near my work!

  167. I have one close to my home and love their donuts.

  168. I love DD coffee

  169. yummy!!!

  170. mmm, perfect for on the way to work!

  171. They have the best flatbread sandwiches…YUMMY!! Thanks for the chance!

  172. Yumm!!

  173. oooh yummy food!

  174. mmm….donut….

  175. mmm..donuts! It’s a bit out of the way, but for free I’m sure I could find a reason to head to that side of town!

  176. I probably have 40 DD within 10 miles of me. And I love their egg white sausage flatbread sandwich.

  177. mmm please count me in!

  178. I prob’ly won’t use the $5 on the healthy stuff — who can resist free donuts?

  179. I could actually get a coffee and donut for $5 at Dunkin Donuts-pretty sure that ain’t happening at Starbucks 🙂

  180. Plenty of DD’s around my way, so I could put this to good use, even though my 5 yr. old daughter declared yesterday that she doesn’t like donuts. What’s wrong with kids these days!?

  181. Can’t have donuts, but I’d love to try some of their lower-cal fare.

  182. Love the coffee and the sweet treats!

  183. This would be a nice treat! Thanks Mir!

  184. Pick me, please! Thank you!

  185. Hi, my name is Nancy, and I’m a coffeeholic.

  186. ha! I’m sliding in at the last minute! I love me some DD!

  187. There’s a coolatta with my name on it!

  188. I have to admit I would still use it to buy a donut!

  189. Now I’m craving a donut, pick me so I can buy one!

  190. We Love Donuts

  191. Sounds yummy!

  192. hooray DD!

  193. donuts…….yum!

  194. Yay coupons!

  195. count me in!!

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