Banish cold toes

By Mir
January 18, 2010

Are your slippers falling apart? It’s okay; you can tell me. My last pair of slipper was held together with duct tape for a while before I succumbed and got new ones. (That may have veered out of “frugal” and all the way to “dumb.” I’m aware.)

Today’s Amazon Gold Box deal is 65% off all Slippers International slippers, and there’s pages and pages of options.

And not a single roll of duct tape in sight.


  1. Oh THANK YOU! I have duct tape slippers right now, but not for much longer! Got some cozy red shearling ones on the way!!!

  2. Duct tape! Of course – why didn’t I think of that?

    I have worn holes through the soles of my slippers, but duct tape will fix them right up.

    I love you, Mir, but you’re definitely not frugal enough. 😉

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