Twice the delight

By Mir
January 18, 2010
Category Contests

Thanks to our friends at Hachette Book Group, I have another page-turning giveaway for y’all today.

In honor of Elizabeth Kostova’s new novel, The Swan Thieves, I’ll be giving away five copies to five lucky Want Not readers. But wait, there’s more (she said in her best Ginsu Knives Infomercial voice)! All winners will also receive a copy of Kostova’s debut novel The Historian, which made it to #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. So if there’s any question as to whether this author can write a page-turner, I think that’s your answer right there.

That’s two great Kostova novels apiece to five lucky readers. Will you be one of them? Maybe!

To enter this contest, first go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (that’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 to be in the running. Winners will be determined by random number generation and plot twist.

Ready? Go!


  1. Oh, I’ve been looking for some more reading material. In the middle of “Emma” by Jane Austen, but I could use something more contemporary! Did I mention you look pretty today?

  2. Thanks Mir!

  3. nothing like a good book! Thanks for all the fun contests!

  4. OMG awesome! They’re both on my “to read” list!

  5. Oh, I really want that random number generator to pick me!

  6. I enjoyed the Historian. Would love to read the new one!

  7. love a good book!

  8. I have eyed this book a few times and not picked it up yet. Awesome.

  9. Nice! Pick me!

  10. Just what a girl needs on a cold winter night–a good book to read in front of the fire.

  11. I never have enough books. C’mon random number generator!

  12. Pick me! Pick me!

  13. I can read, and it will prove it to my Kindergartner if she sees me reading, lol.

  14. Well, I’ve downloaded a bunch of free classics to my eReader, but a real page turner would be fun, too.

  15. i’m always willing to read more books!

  16. Ooooo! Boooooks! I would love to win some books! (Heck, I’d love to win ANYTHING!)

  17. I am very interested in these!

  18. Books are good!

  19. Pick me, please!

  20. Ooh! Pick me – I am in desperate need of something new to read and Backseat Saints doesn’t come out until June 🙁

  21. Just finished my last book, so great timing! Thanks.

  22. I loved The Historian. For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s a vampire novel, and I SWEAR that while I was reading it one night late at my in-laws’ house a bat actually flew into the window. I screamed!

    …So yes, sign me up. 🙂

  23. Those look fabulous! New books are always welcome in this house.

  24. Would love these!

  25. Always looking for a good read!

    Thanks, Mir!!

  26. Always looking for new books to read! Great giveaway.

  27. I love books. Great giveaway.

  28. Oh, fun giveaway! Entering!

  29. oh, the historian was BRILLIANT! Just heard her second novel was coming… great giveaway – thanks for the chance!

  30. Book me, please!

  31. Ooh, me! I loved The Historian but I don’t have a copy. (Yay, libraries.)

  32. Thanks! I’ve been looking for something new to read. Please, let me be the winner this time! Oh please!

  33. These look great, count me in!

  34. Always up for new books.

  35. I love a good book. Thanks for the chance!

  36. i’d love to curl up with a good book!

  37. I love a good book too!

  38. Love curling up on the sofa with a good book and hot cocoa. I hope I win.

  39. could always use a new book to read.

  40. The sun hasn’t been out in days…a new book or two would brighten my day! Pick me please!

  41. What fun!

  42. Books!Yay!

  43. oooooh….books! I LOVE books….books, books, books!!!

  44. Love me some books!

  45. Oooh, I love books! I really like the Historian, too. Is it weird that it bugged me that the narrator never had a name? Because it totally did. But still, I would love to read her new book.

  46. Awesome contest! I need more books! 🙂

  47. Fantastic! I have heard many positive things about these books.

  48. We need good books to counteract the January doldrums.

  49. i’m always looking for good books to read. This would be great. Thanks!

  50. pick me please. I NEED some happy good news this month. 2010 has NOT started out too good for us

  51. Like Gwen, I am also reading Emma! The Woodhouse family is really annoying.

    Maybe better characters in these books? 😉

  52. I’ve actually been meaning to read The Historian.

  53. Love a good book!

  54. Right now I’m reading “Her Fearful Symmetry” and then it will be Margaret Atwood’s new book – but once those are done I’m not sure it will be. Would be fun to check out a new author.

  55. Can you die from needing a new book to read? If so, then I am in death throes and close to perishing. Must. Have. New. Book. Pretty please? Thanks for the chance!

  56. I’d love to try a new book!

  57. Awesome. I would love to read something new.

  58. New books? Sign me up! I’d love to win!

  59. Ohhhh, books again! Me please!

  60. Mmmm books!

  61. I would love a great new book to read!

  62. Always looking for good books, Thanks for the chance!

  63. Me please! Love discovering new authors!

  64. Thanks Mir!

  65. This would be great! Thank you!

  66. oh yes! Always on the lookout for a new book!

  67. Awesome!

  68. Sounds good!

  69. The Historian was very engaging… a bit like the female Dan Brown (in all the best ways, I mean, of course).

  70. Loved “The Historian” — would love to win this one!

  71. Hey! Who doesn’t love free books?

  72. Ooooh, winter reading? Sign me up!

  73. i never win anything, but i’m book girl, so i can’t stand to not enter. me! me! pick me! 🙂

  74. Thank you!

  75. Great!

  76. I need some new books!

  77. Ooh, ooh! Pick me, pick me!! 🙂

  78. Sounds like fun 🙂

  79. I need as many books as possible to sustain my most fave New Year’s resolution!

  80. Books are always appreciated!

  81. Feeling lucky…

  82. oooh, free books!

  83. Pretty please?

  84. I LOVED the Historian, excellent book! count me in! thank you

  85. I’ve really liked the other Hatchette books…pick me! 🙂

  86. I love books…you can never have to many!

  87. Me! me! me! 🙂

  88. I am trying to think of a really good plot twist. I thought, “I’m really a man!” but that’s only a plot twist if you know me personally and assume I’m a woman (which I am, but that would be why it’s a plot twist, no?)

    Anyway, I’m just a normal woman, so I guess I can’t win since I don’t have a good plot twist. *sighs*


  89. por favor?

  90. Sounds good!

  91. Pretty please?!

  92. I could use some new books to read. Pick me please!

  93. me! me!

  94. Great! Thanks!

  95. I’m always looking for another good book to read!

  96. Yay books!

  97. Yay for tubby time books!

  98. *Said with Homer Simpson like drooling*
    Ooohhhhh, books!
    Pick me!

  99. Me please! Me please! (One for each book.) Thanks.

  100. I love the book give aways!

  101. I adored the Historian, so I’m totally stoked to read #2. (And of course, have the first one on-hand for when I need a vampire fix.)

  102. I would love to read those books!

  103. OOOOH I loved The Historian! Sign me up, puh-lease!

  104. They sound great – I love to find a new author!

  105. I hope I win – I’m always looking for good new books to read.

  106. Books?! Of course I’m in!!!

  107. These books sound great!

  108. My book club is so sort-of-snobbish…I’d love to recommend the next best read. (I’d especially love to have read the book before recommending it!) =)

  109. I heart books!

  110. I absolutely loved the first and would love to read number 2!

  111. I have been wanting to read “The Historian” so I REALLY hope that I’m a big winner!

  112. Books are always the best prize!

  113. I would never turn down a book! Thanks for the contest, Mir.

  114. don’t have either so pick me RNG!

  115. love the reads. Thanks for the chance!

  116. Oh, yes please! I need all the inspiration I can find for completing writing projects.

  117. please?

  118. Reading is a girl’s best friend.

  119. Can always use new books. Thanks!

  120. ooh, shiny new books, love it! Thanks for the chance, Mir!

  121. i love books!

  122. Ooh, reading! I gotta get back into that! Thanks! 🙂

  123. Love books!!

  124. Hey, I can read! Sign me up!

  125. Feeling good about this one…

  126. I need something good to read…!

  127. Fun! Thanks Mir!

  128. Oh fun! Come on Lady Luck! 🙂

  129. This sounds great, I’m always looking for something new to read!

  130. I need books for FL.

  131. What a neat giveaway!

  132. can never have too many books, and i’ve actually been dying to read the historian forever!!

  133. Thanks for the giveaway!

  134. Yes, please! Thank you.

  135. Double the reading pleasure! 🙂

  136. Gah, I need to peel my contacts off my eyeboles and go to sleep. But fiction, fiction… how I love thee!

  137. Books are always welcome!

  138. I soooo need something to read other than a textbook!

  139. would love to read some new books!

  140. I need books! My brain is atrophy-ing… cannot type… cannot speell… ehllp? ;o)

  141. Books! Loverly, lurvely, lovely, books!

  142. always looking for good books to read. thanks!

  143. I’m always looking for a good book to read. Thanks, pretty Mir, for this chance!

  144. oooo! I need some good winter reading!

  145. I’d love some new reading material!

  146. She is so talenteed, thanks for a great giveaway Mir

  147. Book contests are #1!

  148. Aaaaaaalmost out of books here! This would be great!

  149. please!!

  150. I would love a new book.

  151. Yes, please.

  152. Books? I’m in!

  153. Oooh yay! I would love a couple of new books!

  154. Always love new books. (My name is another Sue, and I’m addicted to books.)

  155. What a great contest – thanks!

  156. I would love a new book. thanks!

  157. Ooooo new books-my favorite! I love to read. Thank you.

  158. Did you say free books? I hope I win!

  159. Books = good

  160. I’m always up for a good book.

  161. Ooooooh books! Yes, please!

  162. Books! Books! Books!!

  163. I’m always looking for a new book!

  164. I feel lucky! Pick me!

  165. Thank you!

  166. The Historian was an excellent read.

  167. ooooo pick me!

  168. In a winter reading frenzy here….snowing and house bound…pick me!

  169. Enter me into the random number generator please.

  170. I love to read 🙂

  171. I love to read.

  172. I need new books!

  173. I love to read! Thanx for the opportunity.

  174. Would love these. Thanks!!

  175. Books are great! Thanks, Donna

  176. Sounds like a good book.

  177. I need some good books to read!

  178. I could use some books for the cold and dreary February!!

  179. I love new books, and I’ve used up all my Christmas-gifted Borders gift cards…

  180. Could really use a good book or two.

  181. I love finding new authors to read.

  182. I can always use a new book to read.

  183. Ooh! Me! Me!
    I’m looking for good stuff to read.

  184. Love books. Pick me.

  185. There’s no such thing as too many books!

  186. Ooh books! Please?

  187. Wow – great giveaway (again)! Would love some new reading material!!

  188. Books are always welcome in our home!

  189. Me! Me! Me!

  190. I love books, they are my bestest friends, except for Mir.

  191. 190 already? Everyone wants to read! Pick me!

  192. Love, love, love to read!!!

  193. Yay books! This would be great!

  194. I pink puffy heart new books. Winning them in a contest? Makes me love them even more.


  195. I have this book on my to-read list. Thanks!

  196. Books! I love books~

  197. New books always make me happy!

  198. Thanks!

  199. I read The Historian and really enjoyed it. This would be great!

  200. I need some new books!

  201. Random number generator! Pick me! Here is my random comment!

  202. pick me! please…

  203. Please!! Please! I love books!

  204. Love to read.

  205. I’m always looking for a good book to read! Thanks for the giveaway!

    kelly_rose01 at yahoo dot com

  206. Been looking for the next good book. Two is even better!

  207. OOOO! Been scouring Amazon for something good to read. I believe FREE makes for good reading. Ok, no, not always, but this time it does!!

  208. I’m in a desperate “I need a good book” frenzy. Help me, Mir!

  209. I can always use more books!

  210. Always love a good book!

  211. Would love some new books to read.

  212. I pink puffy heart good books.

  213. I would love some books! I will be over here, furiously bowing and offering sacrifices to the all mighty Random Number Generator… 🙂

  214. I am an avid reader. Count me in please.

  215. oooh, fun! thanks.

  216. I’ve been waiting for her next book!

  217. Plot twists? I’m in!

  218. Pick me

  219. Loved The Historian and would like to read more. What a great contest!

  220. I enjoyed everyone listing their fav book. I got a lot of great ideas of things to read.

  221. I’ve never commented on a blog or entered an online contest before, but for books I’ll delurk!!

  222. Those books are destined for me – I know it!

  223. winter is long…. need more books. Pick me !!

  224. books . . . free books . . .me please

  225. I need to read more and watch horrible television less. I hope I win!!

  226. Hope I win! Thanks, Mir.

  227. I happen to have it in my library cue but would love to own my own copy.

  228. One less book to hunt down at the library for book club…yes please!

  229. Me, Me, Choose me! – Okay, what TV character said that?

  230. A book giveaway? How novel.
    (Ha, ha.) Thanks.

  231. I would love some new books!

  232. I’m always looking for “new” authors. Thank you for the chance to win!

  233. I’d love to win!

  234. I LOVE The Historian! I have read it twice. Great contest!

  235. Books! Yay! It’s snowing, I have cocoa, just need a book to make the picture complete.

  236. I love books, sign me up!

  237. I would love some new books!

  238. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  239. yay!!!! books!!!!! 🙂 thanks mir!

  240. New books! Yey!

  241. Books are our friends.

  242. I like books!

  243. Oh, I hope I win! I am a few chapters away from finishing the Percy Jackson series, and I’m ready for a new book.

  244. OK…I looked through the list. I don’t think I have entered already…with my mommy brain who could be sure.
    Maybe these books will help me regain some memory?

  245. I love books!!! Throw me in the pot!!!

  246. pick me please

  247. Did I squeak in?

  248. oh gosh, that would be great!!

  249. I’m always in the mood for new books!

  250. Pick me, I love to read…

  251. Love new books!!

  252. Looking for some new books!

  253. I loved The Historian. Thanks for the great contest!

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