Good news, bad news

By Mir
January 26, 2010

So I hopped on over to this morning and noted that Skechers are 60% or more off, and immediately I thought “Maybe this is my chance to get a pair of those goofy Shape-Ups that everyone is talking about,” and commenced searching for them.

The bad news is that the Shape-Ups don’t appear to be included in this promotion. So if you were hoping for your very own discount pair of Frankenshoes in the name of toned thighs, this is not the time and place for that particular deal. Alas.

The good news is that there’s pages and pages of great shoes—many in the $10-$20 range. And when did Skechers start making such cute sandals?? There’s some hardcore adorable happening over there.


  1. If you really want a pair of shape-ups, the best deal I found is at Kohl’s — they are usually on sale there for $100. Got a pair there last week using both a 30% off coupon and a $10 off $50 coupon from the Kidstuff coupon book my kids’ school sells. Grand total=$60. Now I’m just waiting for my thighs to magically shrink!

  2. Those shape-ups scare me almost as much as crocs. (heh)

  3. I love shape ups. Haven’t used them enough to know if I will see some serious toning action, but I love the way you have to balance on them and I feel like my posture is significantly improved when I wear them. Plus, they are cute!

  4. My mother-in-law bought some shape-ups, they’ll probably help, but I doubt they can work miracles. (Ouch! the truth hurts!) Now when they come out with some belly-ups or boob-ups, I might drop a buck or two on those!

  5. I know we are talking Skechers here, and I love Skechers. However I didn’t want to pay the price of Skechers, so I bought the Dr. Scholl’s Fitness Walkers. They are 1/2 the price and are way comfy. They have the gel inserts in them. I bought mine at Sears. They also come in wide if that is needed.

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