Quack, quack puppy dog!

By Mir
January 27, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot! | Pets

I have no idea if these orders will work, but right now Amazon is offering a squeaky stuffed duck toy for small dogs for $1.70 and free shipping.

The default seller should be EntirelyPets, and they’re the ones offering that price.

My dog loves to perform emergency squeakerectomies on her fuzzy friends (what can I say, she has an urge to “help”), so I’m sure she’ll find this utterly delightful.


  1. I was looking around and there’s a duck one from entirely pets for $1.20 with free shipping! I ordered 5 for my little guy that disembowels all of them!

  2. Sweet! I just got 6 for our new dog 🙂 Maybe now he’ll leave my 3 year old’s WonderPets duck alone! LOL

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