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By Mir
January 27, 2010
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Fresh out of Restaurant.com certificates? No worries! You can hop on over there and use coupon code BONUS to take 80% off your purchase, netting you $25 dining certificates for just $2 out of pocket. New restaurants are constantly being added, so you never know when you can plan to eat out for $23 less than usual.

Be sure to read the fine print; most restaurants have a minimum purchase requirement, and some have day-of-week or other restrictions. Still, if you can make it work for you, it’s like free money.


  1. Question here. I have never used these coupons because there has never been a restaurant close enough worth going to…but they have miraculously added a favorite restaurant of mine (WOOT!) and now I don’t get how they work. Can I only use one coupon at a time? Or can I combine them, for example, 2 x $25 coupons to cover a $50 tab? Anything you know would be helpful! Thanks so much…

  2. No, you cannot combine them. Many have restrictions that require you to spend a certain amount, as well. The ones I’ve used most often are $25 gift certificates that require a $35 tab. Still a heck of a good deal to spend $12 instead of $35.

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