You’re bumming me out, Friday

By Mir
January 29, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m beginning to wonder if Amazon is planning to phase out their Friday Sale. Seems like it’s been shrinking and shrinking the last few weeks, doesn’t it? Alas. I shall persevere until the last cookware set has been offered, however! Because of my stick-to-it-iveness! And also because I’m a slow learner!

If you admire this pair of swoopy stoneware Rachael Ray stoneware roasters, both blue and orange are marked down 25% today. I have to admit that I thought they were sort of dumb, the first time I saw them, but they’ve grown on me.

Do you do haircuts for the family at home? (You should; it’s easy enough to learn, and saves a ton of money… which you can then spend on your hair. Ahem.) I always recommend Wahl for a good set of clippers, and now I’m experiencing a bit of lust for this lithium ion cordless Wahl set. Everything you need for haircuts, beard trimming, etc., with cord-free convenience. At $29, use it for two haircuts at home instead of the cheapie hair place and it just paid for itself.

If you haven’t jumped on the Blu-ray bandwagon, yet, today’s Gold Box Deal is a Sylvania Blu-ray player for just $90—looks like it has good reviews.

And of course there’s still over 800 MP3 albums available for just $5 each, so even when the Friday sale makes you yawn, you can still fill your iPod with tunes on the cheap.

Checking in elsewhere, let’s see what we do see….

Thinking Valentine’s Day? has you covered, with a huge array of items guaranteed to arrive on time. (Did you know they also do flowers? They do! I don’t know that the prices are significantly better than floral outlets on the flowers themselves, but only paying $3 for delivery is surely an improvement.)

The Target Daily Deals are spotlighting a leather club chair for just $170 shipped, and with coupon code URTYJLI8 for that extra 10% off it’ll be just $153 to your door. (I just typed “my door,” just now. Freudian, much? I really like that chair. I may need one for my office.) is killing me, people. Killing me. Charles David shoes for 75% off? Must. Not. Look. Uh, but you can go ahead and look.

That should keep you out of trouble for a little while, anyway. But as my son says, let us all make angry eyes at Amazon for a little while to make ourselves feel better.


  1. I had the exact same thought about the Friday Sale. It won’t surprise me if it disappears shortly.

  2. grrr Amazon. grrrrrrrr.

  3. Oh, I am lusting for those green croc-stamped-leather Charles David slingbacks! I used to have a pair of green croc-looking-manmade-material slingbacks that I adored, but they met a sad end when I wore them in the rain. But can I really justify spending $100 to replace a $12 pair of shoes? I’m afraid not.

    It’s times like these that working at home is to my disadvantage. If I had to go into an office every day, those shoes would be MINE.

  4. Actually, that leather chair at Target is an extra 15% off because it’s a furniture purchase over $125, and you can apply the 10% off coupon code on top of that, so it’s $134.50 shipped. It can be returned to your local Target, so I’m in! Thanks, Mir!

  5. I’ve been looking for chairs for the past two years! I got two for $275 shipped, awesome! It must have been fate that the chair I bought at Ikea a few months back wouldn’t fit in my car so I had to return it…these chairs were meant to be!

  6. Sarah,
    Ditto on the chair lust! I just got two as well! Husband may give me angry eyes, but that is an absolute steal!

  7. Mir, I am sort of lusting over those clippers too! I bought mine when Wahl had that rebate this summer so I guess I can’t justify buying another set (especially when my husband has not decided to trust me to cut his hair yet!)

  8. Excellent deal on that chair! It may not be the fanciest (it does have vinyl on the back and sides), but for $136.92 shipped, it’s a steal! Now to convince my husband…

  9. Forget convincing my husband, I jumped on it. If we don’t like it, we can return it to our local store at no loss since shipping was free!

  10. I ordered two of the chairs, too. What a steal. Thanks for pointing it out, Mir. You da Bomb!

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