Might as well face it. . .

By Mir
February 1, 2010

… I’m addicted to 6pm.com.

I wasn’t going to look today. Really, I wasn’t. But then I clicked over just in case there was something good, and there’s a whole section of kids’ stuff in pink and red for Valentine’s Day… which, I know, hokey, right? But there’s cheap Polliwalks and darling sandals and some incredible deals on clothes and….

I’m willing to face my addiction. Just so long as I get to share it with all of you, first.


  1. I have been stalking the deals for at least a week, waiting for a good deal. I’m very picky, though, so it’s taking some time.

  2. I bought 4 pairs of shoes in the past week from there. It’s hard not to look!

  3. me too! only thing that would make them better is free shipping once in a while! got a $240 pair of Oakleys last week for $35….suhweet!

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