Slain by cuteness

By Mir
February 1, 2010

Do you think I could convince my nearly-teenager to take this adorable American Tourister 2-piece children’s luggage set on our next trip? I mean, sure, the mini-backpack would be a little small on her, and the ladybug pattern may be a bit too cutesy for her oh-so-grown-up self, but the cuteness, oh the cuteness, and just $25 shipped….

Okay, maybe not.

Oh, wait. They also have the tiger and penguin versions for just $30 shipped. Maybe I can talk my son into one of those…?

(Man, having kids old enough to have their own opinions isn’t nearly as much fun.)


  1. My son has the penguin and it’s perfect. Not very big, but he’s only 5. Pretty much it only holds his stuffed animals on a trip (he has to bring a lot) but it could reasonably hold a weekend’s worth of clothes for a kid.

  2. Dear Mir,

    When my girlfriends and I schlump our ungrateful, surly almost and actual teens to the mall to pick out the ugliest,baggiest clothes that we should be paid for to take off their racks, we then go have a silent moan outside Gymboree and gaze longingly at the adorableness that once was ours. I feel your pain.

  3. That is the most darling thing EVER. I wish I could use them.

  4. We got the tiger set at Costco a couple of years ago, and it’s held up great. I wish I could justify picking up the ladybugs!

  5. I just ordered the penguin set for my 3-year-old who loves penguins! Thanks for the tip – these are so cute!

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