Oh Kohls, I wish I could quit you

By Mir
February 3, 2010

The siren song of replenished Kohls clearance draws me back in, time and time again. I am powerless over it. Right now they’re offering $.99 shipping on every item, too, which is good news if you just want a couple of things.

So, here’s the available coupons right now, if you’re going to take a look: Everyone can use coupon code NEW6437 for 10% off , and if you have a Kohls credit card, you can use FEB15PYD for 15% off your purchase.

I’m just going to look for a minute. For the children, you understand.

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  1. See, I cannot buy from here. My husband is a bit upset with my new blogging passion. He has told me that it has turned into a shopping passion.
    I see on my blog roll that Want Not has a new post. Before I even read it, I mastermind a reason for shopping for the day. Before I even click on the link I am mentally calculating how much I can charge.
    I call the husband, who is at work, and ask for the credit card, he wonders why and asks as much, only to hear that Mir has another find.
    He then sighs and wonders how I get my work done for the day, I remind him that in the long run I am saving him mounds of money and OMG today is 99 cent shipping day. He sighs once more and wonders who he married. He hands over the loot and then asks where I am going to put all of this stuff, I say… in the kids rooms, they are almost 18, they do not need a closet any more. The boy just puts his clothes in the basket. I am saved.

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