Oh, it’s that guy!

By Mir
February 4, 2010

I think I’ve mentioned here before that my husband and I are currently working our way through the entire series of West Wing DVDs, which is extremely entertaining for me because I’ve never seen them before, and extremely entertaining for him to watch my reactions, particularly to the cast.

Our standard joke now is who can rush to exclaim, “Oh, it’s that guy!” whenever another familiar actor shows up. (It turns out that there were a lot of famous people on that show, you know?)

And that’s sort of how I feel every time I remember to go shop over at Sierra Trading Post; I often forget that it’s there, and then when I go look, I’m all, “Oh, right—they have those brands! And that stuff! And really good prices!” And I wonder how I ever forgot about them. (I’m sorry, STP. I still love you!) Now is a particularly good time to start looking at sandals, both because they have a vast array of expensive brands at ridiculously low prices, and because it’s a good time to remind oneself that winter cannot possibly last forever. You’re welcome.

Make it even better: Until March 3rd, 2010, use coupon code ALFEB2KX to save 15% off your $100+ order or 20% off your $150+ order. (All together, now: “Oh, it’s that discount!”)


  1. We call it HITG, or “hey it’s that guy!”

  2. I love West Wing! You really have to pay attention or you miss zingers. I’m always folding laundry or emptying the dishwasher & I have to rewind because I missed something good.

  3. I do so love that show!

  4. that show is truly one of the best shows ever. Acting is great… but the writing is superb. I never watched the show until right after I had seen ‘The American President’ (and loved it, too) and found out it was the same guy (Aaron Sorkin). It really appeals to my inner (and outer) geek about as well as something not traditionally considered ‘Geeky’ can…

  5. The West Wing is my all-time favorite show. I’m a huge history/politics geek though. I bought the whole series too, but haven’t endulged in watching it yet.

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