Stay close this Valentine’s Day

By Mir
February 8, 2010
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Hopefully for this coming Valentine’s Day (heck, for every day) you can be with the ones you love. But we all know that that’s not always possible; jobs, school, all sorts of life kinds of things can get in the way of being where you want to be, when you want to be there.

The next best thing to being there is a great way to videoconference across the miles, don’t you think? Logitech sure does. Which is why they’ve offered up a Webcam Pro 9000 for giveaway, because its Carl Zeiss Optics and RightLight2 technology deliver the clearest picture while you use their free Logitech Vid software to reconnect with those far away.

Want to win this baby for your very own? First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post telling me who you’ll reconnect with this Valentine’s Day by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (that’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 to be entered to win. (Wow, that was, like, the world’s most awkward sentence.) Winner to be determined by random number generation and amusing videoconferencing story.

Here’s mine: A few months back we videoconferenced with my brother, who lives across the country, and my children were delighted not to see their uncle, but to see his pet iguana. Which he kept holding up to the camera for them. Yes. I could not make this stuff up, folks.

Ready? Go!


  1. I would love to win this. I would definitely reconnect with a great friend of mine in Charleston, SC (I’m in PA). She lost her husband about a year ago very suddenly and I know she’s lonely. It would be awesome to see her again – its been about 15 years. Thanks!

  2. This would be sooo awesome!!!

  3. I’d reconnect with my college roommate, who is living in her native London for the time being…I miss her!

  4. I would connect with my best friend who lives half the country away. I miss her 🙁

  5. I would love this. Most of my family lives elsewhere across the country so I would connect with a lot of people with this.

  6. We’d love this!!!

  7. Sounds great. My kids would love to see their cousins across the country.

  8. My mother-in-law would probably kiss you if I won this. She’s been bugging us to get one for months so she can see our kids, but we still haven’t bought one – a combination of procrastination and uncertainty about feeling like we have to use it all the time. Besides, we did warn her she shouldn’t move halfway across the country… Anyway, I think we just need to bite the bullet. So I guess I’m hoping you bite it for us…? Hm, that’s weird.
    Great giveaway!

  9. My kids would love to video conference with their aunts and uncles in CO – yearly visits don’t cut it!

  10. I’d reconnect with a strange, estranged friend.

    Pick me.

  11. I’d reconnect with my mom and sister who live in Michigan… I know they would love to see my kids between visits back “home.”

  12. I have no amusing stories . but my kids would love to connect with their cousins who have one!!

  13. We would show the kids off to grandma, who surprisingly already has a webcam even though we don’t.

  14. I would connect with my brother, SIL, and nephew who live 5 states away!

  15. My parents, who live several thousand miles away, would LOVE to be able to see their two young grandsons more often. If we can’t visit as often as we’d like, a video chat is the next best thing. We’d use the webcam to “reconnect” our 3 yr old and 6 month old with their grandparents!

  16. I’d love to win! DH and I have been super busy lately, so we are taking the chance to rewind and reconnect.

  17. I showed my sister my brand new tattoo with someone’s else’s camera. Would love my own at home for the girls to see their family.

  18. I moved away from my family in the Midwest 3 1/2 years ago. I’ve seen my brother and his family once since then and would love to keep my kids connected with their Uncle Mike. And my parents live in AZ in the winter, so we don’t see them for months at a time, either.

  19. oh, this would be fabulous – I miss my family so much! I’d love to be able to video conference with them!

  20. Oooh! I’d reconnect with my aunt Carol in California (I’m in Florida). She lost her husband not that long ago and because of the distance (and money) I wasn’t able to go to the funeral.

  21. does te person on the other end need one too? Yes I’m technologically not all there.

  22. We’re in NH. Grandparents are in MN and CT and complaining loudly at the time in between visits. (Flying to flyover country (MN) is WAY more expensive than flying within or even out of it.) I’ve got cousins in CA, MN and London. An uncle in SD. Dear friends in MN, KY and Sweden. I think that covers it. 🙂

  23. I would love to win this as we have relation in Texas that we never get to see.

  24. This would be awesome for us since we don’t live within 9 hours of any relatives.

  25. I don’t have a personal story, but my cousin does “webinars”, and it’s common for people who do those sorts of thing to sign up for competitor’s webinars to see what they’re doing. As she was listening to the speaker drone on, she started clicking around and clicked on the tab for “streaming video.” The guy giving the presentation was naked from the waist up, and at one point he put his bare legs up on the desk, so if he was wearing anything, it wasn’t much.

    Cousin calls everyone in her office in for a peek, then alerts the moderator. Mod has no way of communicating with the guy except to break into his presentation – so EVERYONE else can hear – and tell him that he’s on video. He zips around, trying to figure out where the darn thing even IS, then looks straight into it and admits he doesn’t know how to turn it off, so he just tapes a piece of paper over it.

    That’s a bad day…

  26. grandparents visiting from india are going to be leaving soon so it will be a great gift to keep in touch with the grandkids they have come to get to know…

  27. grandparents visiting from india are going to be leaving soon so it will be a great gift to keep in touch with the grandkids they have come to get to know.

  28. We finally got one so we could ‘see’ Daddy when he is deployed. My son kept kissing the camera to give Daddy kisses. All you see on the screen is this little mouth coming right at you!
    But my Mom doesn’t have one yet and she sure misses her youngest grandkids!

  29. Hmmm… I live so far away from all of my friends and family, it would be great to reach out to all of them!

  30. yea!! my kids would love to see their grandparents, who live in another state.

  31. My mom! I just moved and I miss her..

  32. My daughter would love to “re-connect” with her Nanny, her g’ma who lives in another state.

  33. My three kiddos would love to reconnect w/ their grandparents who miss them =) Oh, and just maybe when they’re done I can reconnect w/ my lovely friend who lives out of state 😉 Thanks!

  34. Can I re-gift it if I win? I am so lucky to have my family close by, that I would give it to someone who needs it.

  35. I’d reconnect with my best friend in the whole world, who left Austin, TX (where I live) to live in Moscow!

  36. I would video with my aunt who lives in CA

  37. My mom moved to Oregon this year :-(.

  38. Ooooo….
    to see grandparents in Arizona would be the coolest!

  39. Fun.

  40. Since I have a built in webcam I would give this to my god-daughters mother who moved from MD to WV. I don’t get to see her as much and I miss her a lot. If they had a webcam then I would be able to see and talk to her much more!

  41. I would connect with my grandparents in Indiana who are 88 and 90. I live in Washington State and haven’t seen them in 3 long years.

  42. My mom!

  43. Perfect gift for a family member!

  44. Depends on who you ask in this house. For me – it would be my grandfather. For my 4 year old – it would be her cousins!!

  45. Our family is all over. This would be great!

  46. With family in NC and Michigan and TX, this would be GREAT!

  47. All of my close friends and family are a couple states away, but I’d really love to see my niece’s smiling face more often! This would be a great way for the two of us to keep in touch more often. 😀


  48. the grandparents would love to see my kids more often!

  49. This is amazing! Yes, please! Half of my husband’s family is in California and we’ve never been able to video conference before!

  50. Would love for my kids to be able to connect with the grandparents more! What an awesome giveaway.

  51. As a military spouse – this would be FABULOUS for when my hubby deploys. Although I think I’d make HIM take it so we can see him instead of him seeing us!

  52. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O)

  53. I think this would be great to keep in touch with family…

  54. Fantastic!

  55. this is awesome

  56. My boys’ favorite uncle lives on the East Coast while we’re on the West. It’d be so much fun to videoconf him!

  57. We would love to reconnect with our military friends overseas! We have chat programs but videoconferencing would be a huge step that we can’t afford right now. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  58. The grandparents would love to see more of my daughter!

  59. I’m in.

  60. We have close relatives & dear friends living in nearly every continent of the world, so something like this would definitely be put to good & frequent use.

  61. All my traveling nurse buddies who travel the country while I’m stuck here in a New England snow drift! 🙂

  62. I was so lucky to be able to visit with my daughter and her family while conferencing with my son. It was a most enjoyable experience. However it happened in a home other than my own and I’d love to be able to visit with both of my offspring from home, so… random number generator hear my request. 😉

  63. I’d reconnect with my 3 grandkids.

  64. My husband often has to work late at night and this would be a great way for him to be able to read the kids their bedtime story from the office!

  65. I would love to see my nephew who lives in Australia, as I was able to show him our new puppy!! We live way too far apart.

  66. I married an Aussie. This would be goooooood.

  67. Two of my “babies” are away at the University and I miss them so…pick me…I’m a lonely mama…and it’s my birthday!

  68. My sister/best friend–lucky me, same person!

  69. Pick me

  70. @ C.L. ME TOO – my sister and best friend!

  71. Oh, we have TONS of friends and family strewn all over the country. This would be an awesome way to reconnect for my children!

  72. Yeah! I would reconnect with my aunt in NC! She has never seen my children “live” and would love it! Thsnks for the giveaway!

  73. What great timing as my best friend who lives 6 states away is about to have her first BABY!! I would love to see Sweetness in all of her newborn glory!

  74. well, technically this wouldn’t be for me, but for my mom.. Mom has been wanting a webcam to keep in touch with my ultra techie 92 year old grandmother who used to live with my mom, but moved out of state to my aunts when my mom was diagnosed with cancer… Mom has pretty much whipped cancer’s butt, and needs a webcam to brag to her mom and show off all her new hair!

  75. I would connect with my husband who will be underway on his navy ship for six months, to see him in person is way better than just an email.

  76. what a HUGE hit this would be at my house!

  77. I’ll be reconnecting with my boyfriend, who lives a little over three hours away. We don’t really have anything big planned, but it will be nice to spend time with him. 🙂

  78. I live far away from everybody. This would be great.

  79. Of all the contest you’ve had, this is the best one ever! I live in Ecuador but my family is in the US, so I could use this all the time!

  80. I’m in!

  81. Awesome! Hope I win!!

  82. Woot! Very cool. I’d use it to let my kids see their cousins.

  83. Lenetta, That story is HI-larious!!
    I would reconnect with my sister, who off and married a Canadian, so we never see her any more. Thanks, Mir!

  84. Oh yes yes ..please please.. This would make me soooo happy!

  85. Embarrassing, but my mom, who lives two time zones away and never gets to see her grandkids. Wah!

  86. I have never used one, but I know I would use it all the time. I have friend and family all over, so this would be a nice win.

  87. My daughter would love to see her Papa! We would also love to see my sister and her family who live across the country.

  88. My Maid of Honor. I didn’t get to go to her wedding last year. Seeing her in more than a Facebook photo would rock.

  89. I would love to win this! Count me in!

  90. My kids would love to “see” their Grandpa and Grandma who live quite far away.

  91. I would use it to keep in touch with family. I would love to win this. Pick me.

  92. My brother is moving overseas this summer…PICK ME!! 😀

  93. ooh fun!

  94. Yes Please.

  95. While on videoconference with my mom, my preschooler managed to drag down every single stuffed animal from his room (2 stories away) and bring it down to the basement to show to Tita. Who’d recently visited and so had already seen and admired the entired menagerie, but oohed and aahhed anyway cause she’s a good sport.

  96. I would reconnect with California friends we met while we were in the monsoon in Florida two summers ago. You know, the one that hovered over Daytona Beach for 5 days? It started with do you want to boogie board and ended with lunches, flooding, bowling, flooding, sleepovers, flooding, pool time, flooding small condos and flooding oh, did I mention Flooding?

  97. I would give this to my mom– we recently started “seeing Grandma on the computer”, but we spend forever trying to just see her because her camera never works! It’s so frustrating, this would be great!

  98. Sounds great! Pick me please!

  99. I would love this!!!

  100. I would reconnect with an old family friend in Colorado. I know she would love to see my kids, and my kids would love to see her.

  101. I would let my son reconnect with his 1st best friend, who moved away. 10 year olds do not do well with letter writing.

  102. I would reconnect with family in WI and CO- we used to be able to, until the kiddos decided it would be fun to use our webcam as a “fishing pole” in the bathtub. Hmm. A new one would be great, thanks! 🙂

  103. This would be great to use with my 2 year old grandson…I don’t get to see him as much as I would like to. (which would be EVERY SINGLE DAY if I had my way!!) PLEASE pick me!!

  104. pleas pick me.

  105. Would love to own a webcam! Have never bought one and have friends in Papua New Guinea — that is a LONG way away and would love to keep up with our families in person with this!

  106. Well, we stay connected through emails and phone calls, but would love this to be able to “see” by BFF who lives in Maine!

  107. This would be so cool. My kids would love to see their aunt as she travels all over for work but hardly ever gets to make a trip here. Thanks for the chance.

  108. Oh, we’d love this! Our old computer doesn’t have fancy stuff like this. Skype, here we come!

  109. That would be lovely!

  110. I went to school with many children of diplomats from third grade through high school graduation (and college graduation, with a few). Now we are all spread throughout the U.S., India, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Australia and more. We’ve all kept in touch well, but having a webcam would surely make it even more fun to chat with each other over Skype, since I am the only loser without a webcam in our group.

    I’d love to see all of them again, even just over a webcam, but especially my best friend Elisa. She just got engaged to a Colombian and plans on settling down. I don’t know when I’ll get to see her again, since Colombia is not the safest of places to visit.

  111. Oooh, pick me!

  112. Ooh, nice. My daughter’s “favorite cousins” live in Massachusetts, we live in Wisconsin. We only see them 2ce/yr, so regular skype calls would be great…

  113. This would make it stupendiously easy for my daughter to connect with her half-brothers in California and Texas : )

  114. I would give this to my Dad so that he can see his Son and Grandchildren in Germany. Thanks!

  115. We live in a very remote area, and needless to say, none of the grandparents are really jonesin’ to come visit. But they do want to see the grandkids. Is there a mute button? Because after a few minutes they might not want to HEAR them.
    Also, my husband travels once a week for work. He has Skype and a handy little cheeseball webcam, but so far I have resisted. If it were free though… who could resist? Not I.

    Thanks Mir! Wow! You look very thin 🙂

  116. I would love to see the grandkids since they don’t live near.

  117. We do have a web cam, but something must be wrong with it because it causes my children to make awful squawking sounds and facial contortions whenever it’s on. I’m hoping a new model will not have the same effect, and that we may converse with the grandparents in a calm, rational manner.

  118. My sister

  119. Last year my 13-year-old son and I relocated for work away from the town where I’ve spent my entire life. We are now 800 miles away from our entire family and everything that was familiar. We would most definitely LOVE a web cam to keep in touch with all the loved ones (Grandpa, aunts & uncles, cousins, friends, ) we left back home.
    We miss you guys!!!

  120. oh, my brand-new niece!
    we haven’t laid eyes on her yet, and would love a web cam so that we could see and talk to her!

    thank you!

  121. My husband – his job relocated him to MI and my kids and I are missing him terribly! We will not relocate to MI until this summer, so “seeing” Daddy would be fantastic! I hope this random number generator will be ever so nice to me this time 🙂

  122. Sounds outstanding!! I would love to win!!!

  123. I would reconnect myself and my boys (3) with their daddy, who works a measley 3 hours away from home but has been worked like a dog 7 days a week with no end in sight. We can’t visit him due to school, weather, he lives in the ghetto! Very unsafe neighborhood!

  124. My husband left for Iraq yesterday, and we have 4 young children. This would be wonderful.

  125. My husband is serving in Iraq—the kids and I sure hope we win!

  126. My parents and sister would love to see their twin grandchildren as they live too far to visit often!

  127. I would LOVE to have this to keep in touch with family!!

  128. My grandchildren, of course!! They live far away and are growing up too fast.

  129. We would love to have one for the kids to see their Aunts and Uncle.

  130. Our Sweet Sister who would just love to see our kids. We would love the chance!!!

  131. i’d reconnect with anyone that has one 😀

  132. Aw, how fun! My parents (the far-away grandparents) would LOVE the chance to see the kids! You’re the best, Mir 🙂

  133. That would be soooo nice!

  134. We don’t get to visit the grands in NC nearly enough…and now they’ve learned to use a laptop, hooray!

  135. My daughter’s been pestering me to get a webcam…

  136. I would be a hit w/ all my kids, but esp the daughter who’s 1000 miles away at college!

  137. I so want this for my husband, so that he can see better pics of my son and me ..

  138. I would connect with friends who’ve moved away, but if you pick me, I want you to give it to one of the responders who want to connect to a soldier/dad/husband in Iraq or Afghanistan. They deserve it more than I do. (Although I really do deserve it!!)

  139. Well I would like to have a video cam to reconnect with my daughter and grandaughter who live in Ca. I haven’t seen them in 3 years. My son and daughter in law also they live in Fl. My kids like living on the coast so they moved away from us when they went into the Navy, but decided they liked it there and stayed. We are on a fixed income so don’t get to visit ofter this would be a really great way to see all of them……….This is a great contest Thanks for offering it Good luck everyone

  140. I just had a new baby and live on opposite sides of the country from any family – this would be wonderful to keep them posted on the newest member!

  141. I would connect with my best friend in London!

  142. If I can can I video conference w/your brother too? I’d love to see his pet Iguana!!!! And maybe you and i could tell everyone how pretty you really are !!

  143. I would connect with my nephew who lives about 7 hours away. This would be great. Thanks, Mir!

  144. I’d use it to chat with my friend Mike in New York who keeps bugging me to get one. 🙂

  145. I would use it in my classroom (just got an ActivBoard – yay!) to connect with other classrooms across America. I have a ton of friends from college who are now teachers in many, many different states, and we would LOVE to do some projects together!

  146. I hope to reconnect with my BIL and his wife and son, who live in Indonesia. They just recently got an internet connection that (sometimes, if everything is just right)allows them to use a webcam. We’ve haven’t gotten to meet our new nephew in person yet!

  147. I would use it to show my little boy to my parents who live in Italy. He is always asking to see nonna…

  148. Sweet. We got webcams for my sister-in-law and my husband’s parents two years ago for Christmas, so the in-laws could see their only daughter (am I a suck-up daughter-in-law, or what?). This way we could join in too!

  149. Our webcam just broke! What are the chances? We would use the webcam to connect with all three (!) sets of grandparents (Florida, New York and across town). And my brother in San Francisco and, more importantly, his girlfriend and their dog. And my husband’s brother in Detroit and, more importantly, his wife and THEIR dog. We Skype a lot and its killing me not having a camera.

  150. This would be fantastic! Our kids would love to see Gramma & Grandmpa more often!

  151. We have one, so we would give this to my dad so we can finally get to see each other. We lived close to each other until last summer, and it’s been tough on the kids not to get to see their Grandpa Bear!

  152. I will use this to reconnect with my mother who lives far away from me. I need my Mommy!

  153. We’re military and have tons of people we could reconnect with. =)

  154. I have one but would love to upgrade to a better version!

  155. We have a webcam on my laptop (built in) but it’s started to go haywire and not always work. BOO! We “webcam” a lot with my parents, who live 6+ hrs. away and we would also probably chat more with my BIL & his family who live way up close to the North Pole (seriously)! My kids love chatting. When they were babies, they always looked so confused when they saw my parents in real life! 🙂

  156. Thanks for posting the reminder!

    I used my webcam to open Christmas presents with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law this year while they used my brother-in-law’s webcam; they were in North Carolina and I was in Arizona. If I win this contest, I could video chat with my parents again since they don’t have their own webcam!

  157. I would love this. I have been wanting a web cam for some time now. All of my family lives across the country. I miss them. I want my kids to be able to see there grandma and grandpa and their cousins.

  158. Sounds terriff! 🙂

  159. Ours just kind of died – really miss it!

  160. Okay, I can use an update to my old crappy webcam.

  161. I would reconnect with my SIL, and thus my 3 year old niece (who is also my god-daughter) who lives 1500 miles away from me. I see her twice a year, but it’s not enough.

  162. I’ll reconnect with my grandbabies.

  163. OK. Your reminder post convinced me to enter. 😉

    I would use it to keep up with my friends who have moved off to far away places and now are procreating and I don’t get to see their kids that often.

  164. Oh we have been wanting one of these to be able to reconnect with our best friends who just had their first child in October and live across the country from us!! It would be so nice to win one!!!

  165. I’d connect with my best friend who has a little boy I’m not able to watch growing up & she’s pregnant with twins! I want to watch her grow!

  166. We’d be able to visit with my sis and her 2 year old wild child! And her hubby too, if I have too! Heh.

  167. I would connect my 4 year-old with his big brother who is away at college. They BOTH miss each other very much and a webcam would allow them to make fun of me TOGETHER!

  168. ok – pick me!

  169. Oooh! We’d love to get this hooked up for my grandparents!

  170. This would be great with 4 kids in college : )

  171. Ok! Increasing the number of entries!

  172. Love to reconnect with family in Norway!

  173. I could use one for my laptop!

  174. I’d give it to my mom to see the grandkids more often.
    She deserves it!

  175. We would most definitely reconnect with our friends in Atlanta (we’re in Chicago)! Since they moved over a year ago, my daughter still asks me for playdates with their kiddies!

  176. Sure! I’ll try for it (thanks for the reminder).

  177. I would send the webcam to my sister living overseas in Japan because I miss her beautiful face!!! Talking on the phone is just not the same as seeing her and my nieces!!

  178. I’m stuck in the snow so I’d just webcam the dog trying to do her business in the 4 ft drifts 🙂

  179. I would reconnect with my life-long friend who lives on the other side of the country. We both have children and would love to see one another regularly! 🙂

  180. I’ll give it a try~

  181. I would love to have this so my kids could see their grandparents when they talk to them. 🙂

  182. My mom moved to Arizona, so this would be great so the grandkids could “see” her more often!

  183. Please enter me! This would be great for my computer.

  184. Would love to use this to connect with my mother! She lives in CO and I am in MO so she doesn’t get to see her grandson that often. Thanks for the giveaway!

  185. I would gift to my parents for them to keep in touch with family. Great giveaway.

  186. I’d like to reconnect with my old college friend who is living in Ghana.

  187. my father and brother in India. I am in NYC

  188. I would send this to my mother, so she and my grandmother could video chat with their grand/great-granddaughter. 🙂

    Thanks, Mir.

  189. Woo Hoo Webcam!

  190. I’d make sure my boy saw his cousins more often!

  191. I’d like one to see my granddaughters in CA.

  192. Me me!

  193. We do already have one of these, but my mother-in-law does not, and she’d love to see her grandkids!!

  194. we live far from family. my kids would love to see their cousins.

  195. i’d reconnect with my friend Vanessa in Georgia. We used to be roommates – haven’t seen her in years!

  196. I would connect with my brother who lives in Movieland (Hollywood).

  197. Did anyone ever get their $30 rebate on the last Logitech webcam deal posted here? Sadly, I did not. Would love a free webcam (and any advice on how to get them to send my rebate check!) to make up for it.

  198. I’d have my daughter reconnect with her grandparents. They’re in Florida and we’re up near Boston.

  199. I would love one!

  200. My sister in Alabama. We talk on the phone fairly often, but a little web visit now and then would be wonderful.

  201. What the heck – I’ll put my name in for it.

  202. Glad I didn’t miss this one!:) Whew!

  203. My mother would appreciate this!

  204. The grandparents would love this….

  205. My (first ever) sweet baby niece. I would love to see her grow up and I am 10 hours away 🙁

  206. pretty pretty please, Mir!

  207. Count me in!

  208. I’d like to reconnect with college friends.

  209. I’m a little scared, but I’m sure I could figure it out!

  210. I’d love to be able to connect with my parents, so the kids can see them more often. I would also say my in-laws, but technology scares them.

  211. I’d love to be able to video chat with my brother in Spokane. Me, me!

  212. My husband leaves for Korea in April. He’ll be gone for a year. This would be the perfect way for him to keep up with us!

  213. Grandbabies in Massachusetts….Great Grandparents in Alabama..How cool would this be???

  214. i’d like to reconnect w/anyone who would like to connect w/#213…please pick me.

  215. I just moved across the country in June (from the East, to the West) to be with my beloved, but sadly – the only sad part! – my family is back East. We’re talking parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, grandparents! I love my new home here, but I desperately miss my family! And this is ever so much cheaper than a plane ticket! 🙂

  216. We live 1300 miles from our kids Grandparents, and webcam lots. A nice new camera would be great!

  217. I’s reconnect with my Mom. We live in different states and just don’t see eachother often enough.

  218. Sounds like a good tool for keeping the Grandparents out West connected with our kids!

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