Charge it up, cheap

By Mir
February 9, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Need rechargeable batteries? Check out this Energizer battery charger with 2 AAA and 2 AA batteries at—it’s just $13 shipped.

So, yeah, it’s probably not ultra-top-of-the-line, but perfectly suitable for the kids’ cameras or whatever.

I mean, unless your kids all have their own Eneloop chargers, in which case I’m available for adoption.

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  1. I have visions of having three of these plugged in, in various rooms in the house where we always seem to be needing batteries. We have this same brand of rechargables, and lots of ’em, but only one charger. It only charges 4 at a time… I think I’ve about talked myself into buying them!

    Now, will they send someone to hover over each of them and force other people in this house to actually put the dead batteries in when they take the new ones out?

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