This was not part of our deal

By Mir
February 16, 2010

We had a deal, Georgia. You and me. I would move here and try not to scream too loudly about your “Palmetto bugs” which are actually cockroaches on steroids, and you, in return, would have beautiful, mild weather. That was the agreement. What with the torrential downpours we’ve been experiencing (yes, I get it, the drought is officially over, thanks) and now the freezing cold temperatures, I cannot help but feel that you have welched on your end of the bargain. I’m just sayin’.

And so, today, as I sit shivering at my desk (by the window, which is drafty), because it’s 33 degrees outside, yes, I am going to take my time browsing at, because they have swimwear up to 80% off, and right now it feels like I will never be warm again, but I trust that someday Summer will return.

Still, I’m making very disapproving eyebrows at you right now, Georgia. You and your Palmetto bugs.


  1. I’m in SC – we have the ginormous palmetto bugs here too. They could probably pick up and move a small house.

  2. I do not have palmetto bugs but I do have snow. Lots and lots and lots of snow.

    I am ready for summer too. Can we buy that on Amazon? 😉

  3. Here’s something you can keep your eyes out for… sandals for kids, around $10, that kids can run in without falling off. Not sure if crocs count but totaly not flip flops. I have a few months before time to buy…I have a feeling 6pm will be where they are….we’ll see.

  4. I thought Florida was the only one with Palmetto bugs. Glad to have some company as I run screaming from the flying bug as big as a BUS!

    I always tell people up north who complain about roaches (yes, those tiny little german things) that I don’t want to hear it until you swat it with the newspaper and it takes it out of your hand and READS it like they do down here!

  5. Yes, when I lived on the GA/SC border several years ago, I had to do the “They’re not roaches, they’re PALMETTO BUGS” thing with my roach-phobic brother when he visited.

    I don’t think he bought any of it.

    And They FLY.

    Maybe the swimwear will erase the horrible, horribly memories.

  6. Palmetto Bugs make my husband scream like a little girl. I too, wagered these prehistoric insects and the insane humidity here in the South against the wicked winters of the North and I am NOT amused by SNOW falling here!

  7. Global warming sucks, huh? I guess Georgia didn’t get the message. Send all those palmetto bugs out into the cold and see how long they last.

  8. I grew up in Atlanta, and we moved there after we were married. We were out for a walk one time and Hubby saw a 1-inch roach. He was all, “LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT ROACH!” I had to tell him that was but a wee little baby.

  9. I keep thinking that all our cold might make the mosquito population suffer this summer. Palmetto bugs tho… I’m guessing they could freeze, thaw and go into outer space and not die. blech- I’m making my own skin crawl.

  10. I’ll take the palmetto bugs any day over the little roaches. Palmetto bugs can wander in just checking out the sights. Seeing one does not mean you have an infestation. (Or at least didn’t in KY.) But see one little german and you probably have a thousand!

  11. It has been downright freezing here – ugh. But hey you are headed to Houston – in the 60s I hear!

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