It’s even Friday in Texas

By Mir
February 19, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m sorry I abandoned you yesterday. I thought I had plenty of time and then I fell into a wormhole. True, it was a little unsettling, but then I arrived here in Houston to a room upgrade and now I am never going home, on account of my roommate and I were given an entire luxury apartment for the weekend. Please apologize to my husband and children. (Don’t worry, honey—I’ll send for the dog after the conference!)

Anyway, even though I’m away, the Amazon Friday Sale goes on.

I, however, can not go on without coffee, so rather than grumbling about how the sale has shrunk, I will leave you to investigate while I find myself a cup of wake-up. (Weekend posting should be relatively unaffected; I’ll have a batch of deals for you tomorrow morning and we have a super fun contest all ready to go for tomorrow around lunchtime, too.)


  1. Welcome to Houston, it is supposed to be beautiful here this weekend.

  2. K-cups on sale!

  3. You’re in Houston? Cool – welcome to the city. It’s been a little chilly lately, but has warmed up a tad so you should have a pleasant weekend.

  4. Try saying “Winter Warming Wonder Wrap” three times fast

  5. Welcome to Houston! Enjoy the conference and the luxury apartment! We have lots of shiny things here…

  6. Oh, Amazon. I love my coffee, but enough with the K-cups and Pods, okay? And the odd disturbing “kits” that show up in the clearance deals; no thanks. Ew. Just Ew.

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