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By Mir
February 20, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Goooood morning! And thanks to you Houstonians who gave me such a warm welcome to your marvelous city. So far I find that most of Houston looks like… well, the inside of this hotel. (Darn work….) But last night I had tacos from a truck and not only were they delicious, I remembered that I was in Texas and went only for the next-hottest sauce available, which was smart, because I still haven’t regained feeling in my tongue. Whew! (You heard it here first: It’s hotter in Texas.)

Anyway, I have a few deals to keep you busy today while I finish up at this conference. And yes, there will be a contest coming up later today, and I’ll get you the winner of the last contest after I get back home.

So you have a local Auntie Anne’s pretzel place? It’s Free Pretzel Day! (I used to love these, before I stopped eating wheat. Sigh.)

All of today’s Target Daily Deals are patio furniture. I can’t help but feel that Summer may indeed be coming. Eventually. (Don’t forget code URTYJLI8 for an extra 10% off.) It looks like Amazon is having a patio furniture sale, too.

There’s tons of clothes available in this weekend’s deals at, for a change of pace. I mean, sure, shoes too, but I always get a little excited when I see those slashed prices on clothes.

Speaking of clothes, this weekend at Fashion Bug they’re having a Buy 2, Get the Second for $10 sale. Maybe that’s not so exciting if you’re looking at t-shirts, but dresses or pants? Could be a good deal.

There’s a huge weekend sale (surprise!) going on at Kohls, with automatic free shipping on $100+. It looks like code NEW430 is still working for 10% off for anyone, too.

Ooooh, the Fundmentals Sale is on over at Old Navy; jeans are just $19, some shirts are $5, etc. (Thanks, Mary!) I wish I had time to shop over there today….

Okay, I have to run off to do work-like things, but check back ’round lunchtime for a very cool weekend contest. I’ll give you a hint: You will like it with a goat, you will like it in a moat. (Ummm… do any of you have a goat or a moat? No? Nevermind. But you would, is my point.)


  1. Mir, Old Navy is doing their jeans sale this weekend. I just bought some, only $19 each!

  2. I HOPE it’s not green food! 😀

  3. yesterday YOURGIFT was working for 20% off at Kohl’s – no card needed either.

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