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By Mir
February 22, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Nothing says “I love you, but your cooking leaves something to be desired” like a cookbook, right? I mean, I love getting cookbooks. And I love giving them. But it just occurred to me that it may be kind of a touchy subtext depending on to whom you’re giving it.

Anyway, that won’t stop me from stocking up my gift closet during the current Taste of Home $5 cookbook sale, because, come on $5 cookbooks. Good $5 cookbooks. (Edited to add: Shipping is free on $20+!) I can’t turn that down. So let’s just assume that when I give these out I’m just being an enthusiastic cook and avid bargainhound, not that I think your cooking stinks.

Okay? Okay!


  1. Shipping was more than the book I wanted. You know, Barnes and Noble or Borders often have cheap cook books in their Bargain Books section. I’ve scored some cool cookbooks there.

  2. If you spend at least $20, it’s free shipping..=)

  3. Somehow I got free shipping with only ordering 2 cookbooks for $10 total – SWEET!

  4. LST16 gets you 10% off of $40+

  5. *I’m* never insulted to get cookbooks, I love ’em. But then, I also love foo-foo soaps so much, it never occurred to me (until recently) that giving them as a gift says “you stink, go wash up.”

    Didn’t such gifts used to be harmless ways of saying you care? When did they pick up all the connotations? 😀

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