Dress pretty, hold the hoochie

By Mir
March 1, 2010
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If you’ve gone shopping for a dress lately you may have noticed something… namely, that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to buy a dress that isn’t cut up to here or down to there or requires a fancy bra or can’t be worn with any bra at all. Ahem.

So what’s a modest gal to do? Well, you might start by checking out MikaRose, your online destination for fashionable clothing that will make you feel modern and pretty without ever venturing into immodest territory. One lucky Want Not reader is going to win a $60 gift certificate to MikaRose—enough to cover one of their dresses and shipping.

Want to win it? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (that’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010, telling me which dress you like best to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and fashion sense. (Except that really, just the random number thing.)

Who doesn’t want a pretty new dress for Spring? No one I know. It could be you, so go ahead and enter.

Ready? Go!


  1. I could use a new dress. Pretty please number generator!

  2. Oh, such a tough decision. They are all so cute! If I have to pick, I’m going with the Lindsay.

  3. Count me in on the EVA BLACK dress!
    thanks much!!

  4. Not that I have anywhere to wear it, but I can hope!

  5. so pretty! brig it on, Spring!

  6. so cute! me me me me me!!

  7. Pretty Mir! Yes, please.

  8. Cute stuff! Thanks Mir and Mikarose!

  9. I would love a cute dress.

  10. Wow, those are cute clothes!

  11. Love the Ariana dress. Laughing at the generated ad for greatglam in the sidebar that is definitely NOT modest!

  12. OH! This would be SO AWESOME! I don’t know which one I’d choose! They’re all so pretty! (OK, enough exclamation points for now.)

  13. Cute kids clothes, too!

  14. I like the Alexia.

  15. I want a pretty new dress! (and, also, some spanx)

  16. count me in pretty Mir for a pretty dress!

  17. Oh YEAH! Thanks – Jessica

  18. I’ve been looking for a dress! Super cute clothes.

  19. My favorite is the Emily. So cute!

  20. i like the alexia. simple and can be done many ways. i am putting my trust in the number generator!!

  21. Please pick me!

  22. Oh my god I’d love a dress. I have been on such a limited wardrobe since my daughter was born … 14 months ago!

  23. A modest dress sounds right up my alley. I’m in.

  24. This would be great for me, since I have been looking for a dress for an event later this month! I love the Alexia dress, and I love the way it’s paired with bright accessories in the pic!

  25. What cute dresses! Count me in!

  26. I could use a new dress after I get this baby out of me in 3 weeks

  27. Very cute!

  28. I love the Alice dress. So pretty.

  29. Pretty please, dress me.

  30. Lovely stuff!

  31. I’ve already picked out a dress!

  32. Wow! Pick me!

  33. I have 2 little ones and don’t have the time or desire to iron…..How about Lindsey in brown & white? I would love a new dress!

  34. Praying for post postpartum wardrobe help!!!

  35. super cute; I’ll shop here even if I dont win

  36. I love the Alexia dress and would love to pick it up for free!

  37. Cute Clothes!

  38. I love those dresses, so I’m whispering sweet nothings in your ear number generator.

  39. Dress me up, Mir!

  40. I think I’m gonna have to go with the white and gold Alice. I had to narrow it down from 4! Thanks Mir for another great contest!

  41. I love the Alexia!

  42. Eva, definitely the Eva. I love alittle black dress.

  43. Oooh, they’re all cute! I think the Alexia is my favorite, with the Emily a close second.

  44. I like the Cynthia dress. It would be cute in either color.

  45. Thank you Mir! I love these.

  46. Most Excellent! The brown and white Lindsey is adorable!

  47. Pretty!

  48. The Alice dress is so classic – love!

  49. I’m loving the Allison!

  50. Oh, gosh! Hard to choose! I like the Emily, though.

  51. I could use a new dress for the wedding I’ve got to go to this summer!

  52. They’re all lovely dresses but I’ll go for the lindsey.

  53. wow, so many cute ones. I really liked lindsey, but they were all great.

  54. alexia, so i can nurse

  55. I’ll have to decide if I win, but the Alexia is looking like a top contender. TOUGH choice and the little girl stuff is adorable as well.

  56. I like the emily

  57. Sounds good!

  58. I am soo grooving Christine AND Eva

  59. Very nice dresses. It will be hard to choose if I win!

  60. Love the Christine dress! I desperately need new clothes!

  61. Glad you’re feeling better to run such a great contest!

  62. I would love a new dress. I have been losing weight along with you and now my dresses don’t fit anymore.

  63. Okely dokely, I read the directions THIS time. And yes, I have always been quite modest (some would say a prude, but I’m much too pervy for that).

    I had a hard time deciding, but I like the “Alice” dress, it looks so cool for summer!

  64. I like Alexia best and of course I want to win!!!!

  65. I love the Alice!

  66. A new dress? yay!!!

  67. I don’t wear dresses, but I LOVE their tops. Especially the #3002! I would love to have that one in black!

  68. For serious?? I LOVE MikaRose. I can’t afford them usually, but I drool over them all the time. Please please please RNG!!!

  69. I like Emily best. I might have to buy it even if I don’t win. 🙂

  70. The Ariana would be perfect to wear to work!

  71. Some very pretty things, indeed!

  72. Oh, I want a new pretty dress. I like the Emily, which coincidentally is my daughter’s name. 🙂

  73. Wow, those are beautiful and very well-priced. Thanks!

  74. The Alexia in Black!

  75. I like the Emily. My legs haven’t seen sunshine for about 9 months. Spring hurry up.

  76. that sounds like fun!

  77. Sweetness!!!!! This would kill for my sister’s birthday gift!

  78. Yes, please! I think I like the Allison.

  79. I love the ariana!

  80. Finally – dresses for people who don’t like everything to hang out! They’re all pretty dresses. I like the Lindsay. Think that is the most flattering – for me!

    (BTW – Mir, are you testing your faithful followers?! You actually want people to read what you write?! I’m astounded by the number of folks who go through the trouble of entering your pretty contests, but don’t do what you ask us to do!! To think that you even go through the trouble of putting it in bold!)

  81. Oh SNAP!! You did good! This is a new site to me. I will be shopping. THANKS!!!! This is great to know about. I think everyone is shopping right now, I can’t get the site to come up, but when I do, I bet I will be buying.

  82. I’ve been debating buying the Alexia dress for months now. Love that one.

  83. Awe, do you see those CUTE little girl dresses??!!

  84. Oops, meant to say the Christine dress is my fav! Got caught up in the little girl cuteness!

  85. pick me!

  86. pretty please

  87. pick me please!

  88. so refreshing to look at these dresses…thank you!

  89. Pretty clothes. Pick me please!

  90. Pick me, pretty please!!

  91. What pretty dresses! I’d love to have one.

  92. I vote for Lindsey.

  93. I love the Christine, so pretty!

    And it’s so nice to see dresses that are made for women who are in between 19 and 80!

  94. The Alice! So pretty!

  95. What a perfect way to celebrate losing almost 70 pounds…a new dress!

  96. Due date for fourth baby in 5 years = yesterday. New dress for spring = absolute necessity! I would love one!

  97. I like Alice in the pink color. I also like the white eyelet skirt!

  98. I’m liking the Lindsay! I would never splurge on something like this for myself so this would be awesome!

  99. love the dresses!

  100. I love the Emily dress the most, I think. Thanks, Mir!

  101. I would wear the heck out of the Allison dress.

  102. Arianna in brown–totally cute!

  103. Those are gorgeous – would love one! Thanks!!!

  104. Spring, what a concept, that would be lovely.

  105. I think the Emily would work best for me. I’d love to win!

  106. Love love love! So pretty!

  107. Awesomeness!

  108. can i be in the running for 3 of them? cuz i can’t decide!! they are VERY classy and pretty.

  109. I love the Eva in black. Pick me!

  110. I love the Alexia! Thanks Mir!

  111. My favorite would be the one I just bought for my daughter DAMN YOU. 😉

    My second favorite would be the Alexia in black.

  112. Likey!

  113. Lovely!

  114. Alright, I reread it and saw that you’re supposed to name one: I like the Lindsey best

  115. Ooooh – I would love a new dress!

  116. I could SO use a new dress!

  117. Dress me, Mir. That closet is looking SAD.

  118. Alexia!

  119. Hard to choose, but I think I would go with Alexia.

  120. Alexia is the cutest, but the Emily is a close second!

  121. I could really use a new dress. I’m post baby with nothing to wear!

  122. I like the EMILY.
    Do I get extra points because I have a daughter named MIKA?!

  123. I just lost 15 pounds, yay! but now nothing fits, boo! so a new dress would be awesome!

  124. Pretty dresses! Yay!

  125. I could really use a new dress, thanks Mir!

  126. I like the Allison. I don’t own a single dress. How sad is that?

  127. That Alice dress is gorgeous! Thanks Mir!

  128. The Christine!

  129. great dresses…. like the ones for kiddos, too! thanks!!

  130. Alice…no Alexia…maybe the Emily…although the Allison is cute too. Definitely the Eva! I think!

  131. A dress contest! Fab. Thanks, Mir.

  132. Just in time for Easter!

  133. Love MikaRose. So want the Ariana. Or maybe the Allison. They’re all dahling.

  134. Yay!

  135. I love the Eva-so simple and versatile!

  136. I like a couple of them, but really like the Emily quite a bit. I’d love a new dress (or even a skirt, which I also like).


  137. thanks!

  138. There’s several that I’d like. Thanks.

  139. I am really in need of some fashion updates!

  140. Wow! great dresses!!! I think I like the Christine best…but so hard to choose.

  141. cute! I’d have to go with the Alice!

  142. I love the Christine dress!

  143. Um, want. Please please. Want the Alice.

  144. I want a new dress! :o) Please!

  145. The dresses are all beautiful, but I think the Alexia in brown would be the best for me. I love it!

  146. I would love a pretty new dress for spring! Specifically, I’ve got my eye on the Alexia. No idea if it would look good on me, but I love the style.

  147. i would love something pretty!

  148. oh spaz – those are gorgeous! i’m going to go with everyone else and pick the alexia in brown.

  149. nice!

  150. Ooh lala! i love the Alice dress in white/gold. Thanks, Mir!

  151. I’m on a dress kick, and would wear almost any of them. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  152. Oh, what fun! I’d love a dress now that I’m not pregnant!

  153. Emily in Black. Thank you!

  154. Hard decision but it would either be Eva or Lindsey.

  155. I like the black Alexia.

  156. I’d rather not resort to the mu-mu to dress modestly. I think the “Eva” is my answer!

  157. Wow! I could really use this!

  158. Count me in!

  159. nice! i like allison is black

  160. The Alice : )

  161. very nice! I could use a new dress, bring on spring

  162. I like the Lindsey; but gosh, it’s tough to choose!

  163. The Alexia is lovely and the Christine is the perfect style for my Christine.

  164. pick me!

  165. I’d love a new well fitting dress! The Emily is my fav.

  166. The Allison would be great since I will be nursing soon! Thanks!

  167. i love the alice dress!!

  168. I liked the alexia.

  169. the Allison – perfection in a dress!

  170. …always looking for some cute modest clothes! Thanks!

  171. Aaahhh! I even looked at the dresses and STILL forgot to say which one I liked the best…Alice or Cynthia would be my favorites…sorry if this messes things up. Hopefully my previous post will be deleted! So sorry about that…I am usually a great rule follower!

  172. Cute stuff!

  173. ohh yeah.. count me in on this deal…

  174. Wow! A new favorite site! I heart Alexia!! I might have to break down & buy it!!


  175. pretty dress pretty Mir, pretty please?

  176. Sensible women, unite!

  177. Yeah, I could do with something that is appropriately “mom sexy.” Keeping my fingers crossed.

  178. I love the “Emily” dress in deep brown with ivory! Cute, cute, cute! 😉

  179. Thanks for sharing this site. Nice dresses!

  180. I’d love to have a new dress for Mother’s Day. Please pick me.

  181. Gotta get gussied for a shotgun wedding!!

  182. cute!

  183. ooooo I like the Elizabeth (on clearance!)

  184. The Alice in White/Pink is super pretty! Just like you!

  185. ooooooh!

  186. The alexia is soooo pretty!

  187. Ooh, several weddings to go to this summer – those would be great!

  188. Very cute things – for the few of us who are not hoochie mamas.

  189. Oops, love the Emily.

  190. Marveliscious. And yes, I made that word up just for you.

  191. My wife would love a new dress….Pick me I can be the Easter Bunny…

  192. oh, I could really use some new clothes to celebrate my weight loss!

  193. what a hard decision. Love the Cynthia though.

  194. Ooh la la. I love love love the Alice in white.

    I’ve actually been to their site before and wished for one of their dresses. I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed!

  195. Pick me!

  196. Ooh! I’ve always liked MikaRose. This would be awesome!

  197. I NEED a new bress in the worst way!

  198. Oooh! Me please!! Thank you!

  199. I look awful in pants, and I am admitting it publicly. That being said – well, I need a new dress! Seriously doing some closet cleaning this week!

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Hope you are feeling better!

  200. Hard to pick they are all very cute! My favorite would be the Lindsey in Black!

  201. postpartum and in desperate need of new duds! I like the Alexia.

  202. Alicia is definitely the best dress on the page.

  203. Mine turn please!

  204. I love the alice dress!

  205. Haven’t bought a new dress in years. Me, please!

  206. Count me in!! I love looking cute without the hoochie look!!

  207. Sounds great!!

  208. I would love a pretty dress – thanks Mir!

  209. it’s so hard to find beautiful dresses that are also modest! The Cynthia looks lovely and very Spring-y, too!

  210. I like the Alexia.

  211. Those are CUTE! I like the Alice, and also the mysteriously named “#3107” in the clearance section. Cute cute cute.

  212. Me please! Thanks for the contest.

  213. Fingers crossed that I can win a purty dress!

  214. Oh I like the Cynthia!!

  215. What a tough choice, but I think the Eva wins out for me. What a great black dress!

  216. I really like them all maybe I could get one for free!

  217. Cute! Desperately need a new dress for spring!

  218. Ariana is my fave.

  219. Could this be the one?

  220. I’d love a new dress.

  221. The Emily, if I win, please. 🙂

  222. My favorite is Emily

  223. I like several but I guess I like Emily the best.

  224. I love the Emily. Pick me! I need new clothes for work.

  225. Oh yes! This sounds awesome!

  226. A new dress would be great! thanks

  227. The Allison is super cute!

  228. Yes Please.

  229. I haven’t worn a spring/summer dress in years. This would make my husband sooo happy!

  230. I’d like to feel pretty….oh so pretty…well you know in the Christine

  231. Pick me! 😀

  232. Decisions…I love the Ariana and the Allison but I would take any of them. Thanks for the chance. Hope you feel better!

  233. My nephew’s christening is in April and the Christine dress is beautiful. Thanks Mir.

  234. I love them! I think I would choose the Alice, or would it be the Alexia? They are all really lovely! Did I just say lovely? Well they are!

  235. Ohhh, I’ve looked at those dresses for a long time. a free one would be awesome!

  236. Cute dresses, yes please!

  237. So pretty! I am having a hard time picking my favorite!

  238. I like them all but I am really loving Lindsey and Emily.

  239. The Emily would be my choice.

  240. I love these dresses

  241. Cute! Of course I want to win this!

  242. Lindsey, for sure!

  243. I’d love the eva dress. So pretty!

  244. I like the Eva! Pick me!

  245. Eva!

  246. Me! Please!

  247. I never have enough clothes! This would be great!

  248. Cool! I was just trying on dresses yesterday!

  249. Me please

  250. Have lost some weight and could use some new clothes.

  251. Ooh, the Alexia is very cute. Definitely my favorite.

  252. Oh, I have Easter AND my daughter’s First Communion coming up! I could definitely use a new dress!

  253. I am an exclusive dress/skirt wearer and have a hard time balancing trendy vs. immodest in our clothing culture. Thanks for the website tip!

  254. I would LOVE to have a gift card to this great on line shop. I’d never even heard of it.
    Thanks for the offer!

  255. Cute stuff! Count me in!

  256. I would love the Lindsey dress in deep brown – all of them are so pretty, though!

  257. Thanks for the new website to shop at! I need to wear more dresses, I’d love this giveaway.

  258. Pretty dresses…yay!

  259. I love the Alice dress! Enter me in this giveaway!

  260. I love the Alexia! Cute dresses!

  261. Beautiful! And just the kind of thing I’m looking for — and Emily has my name written all over it.

  262. Pick me!

  263. Alice! Please please, I want the Alice dress.

  264. My daughter has first communion this year and something tells me the priest would prefer I leave my jeans and sweatshirt uniform at home and wear something nice. Now if only I had something nice….

  265. I’ll fashion this entry post…close enough?

  266. Oooh a dress that a mommy could wear and still look cute without showing her milk jugs to the world – pick me!

  267. Fabulous! I have lost almost 10 pounds on my new diet. I would LOVE to celebrate with a new dress!!!

  268. Ooh, so cute! But I have to choose just one?
    I think Eva, although I like Allison too…

  269. Wow! Those are some gorgeous dresses. I would be hard pressed to choose one – Eva or Alexia or Allison – hmmm… I hope I win!

  270. I’d love a new dress, Mir!


  271. Any of them would be great!

  272. I always love new dresses! And with it looking spring-like here, I must prepare.

  273. I would love a new dress!

  274. I like the Alexia dress the best! Thanks Mir!

  275. ALEXIA….pleeeease. 🙂

  276. TOTALLY just added their website to my Favorites list….even if I don’t win, thanks!!!

  277. What a great site! That said, I’d love to win a gift certificate.

  278. Would love to win! Thanks.

  279. I can’t resist a wrap dress – I love the Alison!

  280. I love the Emily & Cynthia.

  281. I would love a new dress!

  282. Love the dresses! Pick me, please!!!

  283. I don’t own a pretty dress. This would be a perfect way to make my husband take me somewhere nice for our anniversary!

  284. Excited about this one!

  285. Need a black dress! Great for dressing up or down.

  286. Cynthia dress! So pretty, all of them…

  287. Alexia! Boy, these are classy AND reasonably priced.

  288. I love the Alexia dress. I love how modest these dresses are. It’s hard to find anything modest these days! Thanks for the chance to win!

  289. Very cute!

  290. ooooo so pretty!!!
    Alexia is the winner for me!

  291. I’d love to win a new dress

  292. Me, please.

  293. Now all I need is a party to attend!

  294. I like them all – but especially the Emily. Completely adorable!

  295. I love the Lindsey, but they are all adorable!!!

  296. They are pretty cute, but my fave is definitely the Alexia!

  297. FTW!!!!!

  298. What a cute store!

  299. Please, please!

  300. I’d love a *modest* new dress. I choose the Cynthia in Red. Yup.

  301. I love the Ariana in black, cute dresses.

  302. Allison…or maybe the Eva.

  303. I like the Allison and the Christine.

  304. Ooh, I should win this. If, of course, you meant the worst fashion sense wins.

  305. Oooh, I think the Ariana dress is adorable, please pick me, thanks!

  306. Ooh, the Lindsey is pretty, in brown!

  307. Thanks for sharing this site – love Alexia in brown! And the little girl dresses (in clearance) are adorable and very affordable, too!

  308. I love the Isabelle dress! I love this site and have never heard of it before! I also love the alexandra dress for a little girl

  309. Oh-la-la!!! Pick me!

  310. Allison or Alexia–they are all great and you could wear the classic styles forever!

  311. Alexia. Feminine but not mushy.

  312. I would totally wear the Cynthia to my friend Cynthia’s upcoming wedding!

  313. WOW!!!! Never heard of this place but I love it already!!!

  314. Cool. I would love to win this. Thanks!

  315. Well, admittedly, I’m fresh out of “fashion sense”, but I think I could get some by wearing one of these stylin’ dresses! Great giveaway!

  316. Sounds great!

  317. Dress needed!

  318. The Allison dress is really right up my alley!

  319. A new dress? Haven’t had one in ages!

  320. I like the Allison. It looks really comfy.

  321. The Alexia dress is so pretty. Want it.

  322. Oh my, that Alexia dress would look good on me…

  323. I love the Christine, in red!

  324. That Alice dress is pretty cute. They all are, actually!

  325. Ohh so pretty! Please let me win. I want the Alexia!

  326. Those dresses! So gorgeous! I can’t pick just one, I love ’em all.

  327. I pick Alice in pink! Emily and Eva were close seconds though.

  328. I think I’d get the Alexia AND a blouse – why not?! Thanks for the offer!

  329. I like the Christine dress, fiery red and very springy !

  330. Who doesn’t need a new dress for spring? Love the Lindsey dress. So perfect for casual outings!

  331. Thanks for putting me on to Mika Rose! I love these dresses! For spring/summer, have to go with the Alice!

  332. I love the Emily and the Lindsey. Thanks for the chance.

  333. Lindsey looks cool, but they all do. Thanks Mir. I like that website.

  334. I have looked at these dressed before, and I think they are all so pretty. I like the jackie and the lindsey. Ok, I like them all.

  335. Oh I think I love the Alexia dress, it would work for the office or for real life.

  336. i am currently in frumpy mommy mode – would love to have help in getting back to hot mama mode!

  337. Wow, I’d love to get a new dress!

  338. Very nice!

  339. good one!

  340. It’s been ages since I bought a new dress!

  341. Nice! I hope I win!

  342. I love the Alice dress! I’m sure I need it!
    They’re all so pretty though.

  343. I’d like one of each. They’re so pretty.

  344. Definitely the ALexia dress in black, of course. Thanks.

  345. Ooo, a dress? I haven’t owned a dress in some time! I would love it. 🙂

  346. A new job interview dress would be nice.

  347. A new dress would motivate me back into my workout routine!

  348. LOVE the Eva, but the Alice is a close second!

  349. The Alexia in black. What a cute dress!

  350. I like the Emily in black–pretty dresses for sure. Hope the random generator chooses me!

  351. A pretty dress or afterbaby comes? Sure! I’d love one…

  352. Dang – forgot to add I love Allison to my entry – #354!

  353. I’d love the Lindsey dress in brown

  354. I love the Emily dress.

  355. ooh, i like the Lindsey!!

  356. They’re all great, but I think I’d get the most use out of the Alexia dress. Very pretty and GREAT prices!

  357. Pick me! Would be fantastic for a spring pretty!

  358. I would love a pretty new dress!!

  359. who wouldn’t love a new dress? not me!

  360. Love the Lindsay dress, though I’m not sure it would look good on me…

  361. Ooh, I love the Emily…

  362. I like the Alice dress – it’s just what I need for summer in FL….Thanks for this chance to win!

  363. I so need a new little black dress – I’d take The Alexia!

  364. I like either Christine’s or Emily’s.

  365. It’s a tough decision, but I think my choice is the Alexia. Thanks, Mir, for all the great contests!

  366. I like the Lindsey dress best, because it would define my waistline 🙂

  367. I love the Alexia. Hope I win it.

  368. Alexia is the one for me…

  369. I don’t wear dresses very often because I can’t find any I like. My hubby loves it when I do wear them…this would be a great prize for both of us!!

  370. I’m too pregnant to wear it now, but someday, right?? I really like the Eva dress.

  371. The Emily is my fave!

  372. I’ve been losing weight…I NEED a new dress! 🙂 Thanks for the contest!

  373. just had baby #3 and could use a pretty dress!

  374. Oh I like the Alexia! How pretty they are!

  375. I would like to win the Allison dress. I really like it!

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