The price won’t make you say ugh

By Mir
March 2, 2010

Today’s Amazon Gold Box is filled with Bearpaw boots for just $30, and they look suspiciously like some other very popular boots that my daughter swears “everyone has,” but that make me say something that sounds a lot like the brand name when I see them. What was it, now? I don’t know; it was just on the tip of my tongue a minute ago….

(Great time to pick up a pair to put away for next winter, is all I’m sayin’.)


  1. thanks! bought a pair. I’d been eyeing the “otherbrand” boots but living in NC I wouldn’t wear them often enough to justify the price. These are just right!

  2. Ha ha, Google Reader put an “Uggs” ad on the bottom of this post.

    Hello, Britney Spears in 2004.

  3. All I can say is…don’t judge until you’ve worn them. This is what you tell yourself when you live in the artic and wear them on a daily basis.

  4. holly, that is the truth! when winter is out your door 5 months out of the year, boots like these are the flip flops of winter! thank you mir for pointing this deal out! hope you feel better 🙂

  5. Wow! I’ve been stalking Bearpaw (okay, I’m just a fan on facebook) ever since entering a giveaway where I had to pick my favorite pair. Unfortunately, when I didn’t win, I couldn’t afford my favorite at reg price. Can’t believe amazon has them at $30! (They have a “pawspotting” thing on fb where they post pics of celebrities in their boots too…so even a fashion-conscious teen might be satisfied…)

  6. THANK YOU!!!! I refused to buy this type of ugly boot for my 16 year-old daughter. So she started shopping on her own. The $119 price tag she found this weekend scared her to death. She will be thrilled for this $30 steal!!!!

  7. MAN! If only I’d not bought a pair of fake Ugg’s a few months ago, I’d TOTALLY click through and buy some!
    As ugly as they are, and as HUGE as they make my feel look, they are the warmest shoes I’ve ever had on my feet. I love them!
    (Hmmmmm…maybe I need a black pair?)

  8. I really regretted not buying winter boots, this being my first ever winter in the northeast and all… but I just couldn’t make myself pay what “they” were asking! My feet thank you for making them warm next winter!

  9. I love my Bearpaws!

  10. Awesome! Just bought some. I totally regretted the cute Croc’s boots after the first storm this year. Not warm at all!

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