TGIF, now with a winner, too

By Mir
March 5, 2010

Has it been an extra-long week, or is it just me? Just me…? I can believe that. Before I get into the Amazon Friday Sale and related items, I’ll tell you that at the end of this I’ll have a contest winner for you. Suspense!

But first, the sale: I keep waiting for the sale to be expanded again, but so far, no dice. Hmph. Also, they seem determined to offer the same items every week until we collapse in despair. (Note: I am close to doing so.)

At least there’s some great deals over at to keep me busy, even though I have probably reached my shoe limit for the month (sad, seeing as how we’ve nearly the whole month to go, yet).

Got a comic nut at your house? Check out today’s Deal of the Day at Graveyard Mall: 50 assorted DC comics for just $10! You’re not going to get collectibles, but for a comic lover it’s hard to argue with 50 for just ten bucks. My son may just pony up his own cash for that one.

Meanwhile, the Target Daily Deals have yet another adorable dog bed set that I covet, even though my dog can most often be found napping on my lap (the spoiled pooch). Don’t forget coupon code URTYJLI8 for your extra 10% off!

Now: Who’s our lucky winner of the MikaRose contest? The random number generator has spoken, and it selected… lucky number 377, Christina Fisher, who says she loves the Alexia dress. Congratulations, Christina—please check your email! You’ll be receiving a MikaRose gift certificate so that you can buy your favorite dress!

Everyone who didn’t win, but who’s now wanting to go shop at MikaRose, I have good news—the owners have generously created a coupon just for us! Just use code WANTNOT for 15% off your purchase. Big, big thanks to the lovely folks at MikaRose for both the prize donation and the coupon code.

Tomorrow I’ll have the first GoodNites contest winner for you, and another chance to win a prize pack with them. Because I’m a giver.

Have an awesome Friday, everyone!


  1. And the code for MikaRose works on clearance items! Nice cause shipping is expensive… Thanks Mir!

  2. I keep wondering if Jews say TYIF or if Muslims say TAIG. Do you know?

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