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By Mir
March 8, 2010

Goodness, I haven’t remembered to check the Company Store Sale of the Day in forever, but I sure am glad I did, today. They’ve got a whole assortment of messenger bags for just $8 apiece, and they’re adorable. Perfect for that hip little girl in your life.

Ship it for free with coupon code 7daysfree, too. Just think—you could pick one up now and bust it out before the new school year starts in the Fall, and you’d be a total hero. Nice work.


  1. My daughter thanks you in advance!

  2. The Twins are at that age where they want to be different and getting them monogrammed bags will be perfect!!

  3. Just saved $15.00 on shipping! Thanks

  4. Got one of these last night for my niece’s birthday. Awesome! I can’t wait to give it to her!

  5. Thanks! Those are cute!

  6. Thanks, I just got one for my daughter who hates her current backpack.

  7. Thanks! My daughter starts first grade at a new school next year, so this pony bag will be a great help in getting her ready and excited when fall rolls around.

  8. I will say that my daughter bought (since she had trashed two others, it was coming out of her own pocket) one of the Company kids messanger bags last year on super sale and it has lasted PERFECTLY. It’s purple skulls so it suits the rock chick persona she is cultivating, but it has actually stayed in one piece vs. the 2 Hanna Anderson bags (bought at the outlet of course) that looked as though she had tied it to the back of a truck and said, “Let’s see what you can do to these!” I think a lot of that is the whole messanger bag thing–which I swear by. My son has the same messanger bag that he got in Kindergarten (from H.A.) and it looks EXACTLY the same.

  9. DRAT! I ordered the Zebra bag for Sydney and just got an email saying it had been cancelled, due to “overwhelming demand”. 🙁 BUMMER!

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