Snuggle up

By Mir
March 8, 2010

I think we can all agree that Spring appears to be on its way, but we may have to endure just a little more winter until it gets here. Plus, I’m pretty sure it’s coming back next year, too. With that in mind, I had a hearty giggle and then a “hey, what a great idea” moment today over at the Target Daily Deals, because check it out—they’ve got assorted character “cuddle wraps” for just $8.49 shipped.

You know what those are, right? They’re snuggies for kids. With characters. Brilliant. And when you use coupon code URTYJLI8 the price drops to under $8 apiece. I know a few little kids who would love those for chilly Saturday mornings of cartoon-watching.

Come to think of it… I’m assuming they’re kid-sized. Maybe they’re for adults! Hee.


  1. Just FYI…when I added the code, shipping was added to my order. Not such a great deal anymore!

  2. My son has a kid-sized snuggie (generic variety, under $5 at Ross) and it fits 5’2″ me.

    On the coldest nights, he likes to sleep in his. At other times, he likes to wear it like a robe, with the long train sweeping behind him. It’s quite regal. Definitely was worth the $5 investment.

  3. It’s not doing free shipping even without the code. The listing on the website says free shipping but it’s not happening once it’s in the cart.

  4. I had to call and they manually deleted the shipping charge because it was showing up for me as well.

  5. Working now as normal!

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