Why yes, I would like another coupon

By Mir
March 10, 2010

I know that Justice seems to do a 40% off coupon pretty regularly, but it just figures that last week I wanted one and couldn’t seem to find a current one. No matter! Now we can use code 774 for all purchases of hip girly clothes through March 22nd, 2010, bringing their prices down from the “Are you kidding me?” area firmly into the “Maybe for your birthday if you behave” range.

I should probably have my daughter write them a personal thank-you letter, now that I think of it. If she stops carrying on about how everyone else’s mom lets them shop there I’ll have to mention that.


  1. That is the funniest thing – their prices are exorbitant… even with the coupon most of the time. I won’t pay that much for my own clothes… my daughter is growing out of them – not size wise, but age wise, which means I am going to be at Aeropostle next. Yikes.

  2. UGH I just dropped $60 there on Saturday on a gift for my neice’s birthday – a t-shirt and 2 tank tops. Big giant sigh.

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