Who’s a chewy puppy? You are!

By Mir
March 16, 2010
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(Uh, not you. Maybe your dog. But if you want to chew on one of these, g’head. I don’t judge.)

Dog toys are expensive. And my dog lives to destroy toys. So of course now I regularly cruise Amazon for cheap doggie toys, because I’m a sucker I love my pooch.

Right now Amazon has this KONG large puppy teething stick for $3.50, and it ships for free with Prime. Our experience is that the KONG toys tend to be very durable, but at that price, it hardly matters.

Of course, my dog is only 12 pounds, so that toy is roughly the size of her head. Which might be kind of entertaining.


  1. Those of us with smaller dogs get an even better deal.

  2. I just want to say that the KONG dog toy company is wonderful! My handicapped son (who has Down Syndrome) helps make and package their toys at a workshop here in Ohio. I think that’s great and it says a lot for their corporate policies!

  3. Back when we had dogs we loved KONGS. Great toy! Fabulous price.

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