More shoes for the ankle-biters

By Mir
March 17, 2010

Whoa, that must be a big box….

Today’s Amazon Gold Box is filled with thousands of deeply discounted kids’ shoes. It’ll take a bit of patience to dig for what you need, but the prices are excellent if you have the time.

Maybe I have just a little time. You know, before my Prime trial runs out. Stop looking at me like that.


  1. Thanks Mir! My little guy needs new dress shoes. I was afraid I was going to take him for Easter services in his buzz lightyear sneakers. (Not that there is anything wrong with that, but now I don’t have to!)

  2. Thanks pretty, pretty Mir. I just stocked up for a couple of seasons and bought a few gifts as well. THANK YOU-you have now saved me $8,567,302.87!

  3. I’ve spent the last 2 hours on there trying to pick out just the right shoes for the little grubbers. Shoes are something that I’ve decided only to buy quality brands of. And only on sale, of course.

    If only I could figure out if people like this brand “Beeko” but on the entire internet I can only find one review.

  4. very good tip – thanks! Just scored 4 pairs for under $70 in brands which would normally be at least $50 each.

    At first I was getting frustrated with the inability to search by size or gender within the gold box, but then found that if I did a regular search by size, boy/girl, etc, and then choosing to sort by price low-high I was still getting the Gold Box shoes, but could limit my choices to actual possibilities.

  5. The Gold Box shoe deal is no longer available. That certainly was some deal of the day. I picked out 2 pairs for my daughter – 1 sold out and the other went up in price (significant increase) by the time I got around to paying for it. What a bummer…

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