Holiday accessories?

By Mir
March 22, 2010

Normally I wouldn’t look twice at something like this, but I can’t help thinking that at this particular price point, it might be cute for Easter baskets (or even to put away for stockings for next Christmas): Today Graveyard Mall has 4-packs of Disney batteries for just $.99 each, and if you order four of them (and nothing else) they ship for free.

Yeah, they’re probably terrible batteries. Yeah, they go inside the toy and aren’t seen again. Still, for a buck, they’re kind of adorable.

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  1. These batteries are AWFUL. I got a pack for my niece at Christmas to use in some disney-princess-something-or-other toy and they were all DOA. To add insult to injury, the cute disney covering was just a piece of paper on the outside, not actually on the batteries, once you take them out of the packaging they’re just plain batteries.

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